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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ms. World 2013 is Megan Young!!

This blog entry to commend our dear Ms.Philippines World - Megan Young on bagging the title for Ms.World 2013 - first time in the Philippine History.

from abscbn news
It was last August 2013 when the search for the representative for Miss World known as Miss World Philippines has been held and this young lady grab the title. I was astonished that she did join the pageant and I wonder that above all the pageant, why Miss World Philippines?

But then, this girl just made the perfect decision as last September 28, 2013 she just made it and bring home the first ever Philippine crown for Miss World.

It has been more than 60 years since the Philippines wanting to bag the title for the said title and finally this girl just made that dream come true. It'll be once again a filipino pride that we are not just filipino but we are the race of beauty and brains and of course of a good heart announcing everybody our willingness to help people and help others to help people and that's what megan young answer that made her win.

from Philnews
Yeah, unfortunately there are some people who we cannot please but the sad thing in there is that: This girl in the name of DEVINA DEDIVA can just expr
ess her emotion that he is not in favor of the results but she does not have to be mean with such races. Filipinos are not offended because she called us maids actually they called us "filthy maids" otherwise filipinos were mad because she doesn't need to humiliate races just to express her opinion, we did not do any harm to her in the first place to be considered that way. I know that other races will react the same way if they are the subject of this post of the perfect lady.

Miss DEDIVA lost her job because of that job and the consequence is just right, he should be professional enough to know what is right or wrong and she won't be a good example to those aspiring professional and she'll be this way. I am hoping that she'll realize what she did wrong and this will be a lesson for her to grow up.

anyway, past is past and filipinos are still rejoicing about this sweet victory given to us by this young lady Ms.Megan Young. I am hoping that there'll be a lot of filipinos who were not just satisfied of letting someone bring them up thus will start the goodwill and pride within themselves.

CONGRATULATIONS Miss World 2013 - Megan Young and to all Filipinos. 

from gulfnews
from ibtimes

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