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Saturday, October 26, 2013

True Friends are really hard to find

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"Asan ka? Tara! Gusto ko uminom..." (Where are you? I wanna go out and get drunk!)

Whenever your friend sent u message like this or similar to this well then, most probably you friend is in deep sad situation wherein they needed someone to talk to. They might be sending this frequently but haven't you realized that this friend is comfortable on being with you and is forgetting all their blues with your presence. 

I know that there are no "prefect friend" in this physical world but I think it is quiet offensive to reply "tinatamad ako e" or "next time nalang" to this person who is in badly shape and is needing somebody to talk to. Better yet, have at least a bit of sensitivity telling your friend "Di ako pwede e, anu ba nangyari?" or "Set up naten the other day" that at least the person can sense that you are a friend enough and is concerned with his sentiments.

I, myself is not a perfect friend either but I just learned that i should be a better friend when I just tried cascading messages to my friends earlier about that message above and 90% of them just told me... "tinatamad ako..." and that's it. after realization I come up that I shouldn't do this to my friend though they just did that to me.

It is actually quite offensive that those friends who replied you that message are the one you are valuing the most, they're the one you cannot refuse whenever they sent you messages like that and yet it seems like the friendship you have with them isn't what they have for you. and those who are not that valuable to you has been open armed to talk to you about all your miseries.

To that simple person who is willing to be with me tonight: I wanna thank you (you know who you are)

and to those who refuses my call: I was hurt and disappointed but don't worry you know me I am Mr.Understanding

well, I guess world is just like that you cannot have the same people you can share your laughter and sorrow at the same time.

and now... I'll just spend this friggin night with that only person who has been true to me.

THANKS for reading and NO APOLOGIES please... I just said I understand.


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