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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yolanda Victims (also known as Super Typhoon Haiyan)

thanks to ladyandhersweetescapes
It has been almost a month since Super Typhoon Yolanda (International Name: Haiyan) hits the central part of the Philippines. It has been so disastrous as it almost swipes the island of Samar, Leyte and other provinces affected and luckily, my province is not that affected.

Filipino people really appreciates that there several countries who express their most generous help, prayers and support to our countrymen but what keeps them disappointing is the unplanned and unorganized system of our government on the relief operation knowing that this does not happen just the first time as there are lots of typhoons and tragedy happened in our country yet it seems like the Philippine Government did not take that as a lesson. Luckily there are other countries and as well as private filipino people always willing to give their help.

This is not to blame the government this is AGAIN, a wake up call to see how unorganized the system is. It is not an excuse that what you are doing is not easy... it is you who wanted to be there, it is you who the people voted and been trusted, It is you they are counting on... so it is your job to lead the ordinary filipino people and hopefully, in a decent, organized, and right way.

Photo of eltorobumingo

and what disappoints me again is that aside from the tragedy happened: These congressmen, Senators, governors and other public official chosen to go to macau, China and watch Pacquai-Rios Fight instead and they are insisting it is their own money they used to go there and so what? This is the time people needs an inspiration to hold on to and why didn't you donate the money you have used instead?

PLEASE KEEP ON PRAYING FOR THE PHILIPPINES not just for the yolanda victims but also for the conscience of these ignorant people. 

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