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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cebu - Bohol Devastation

view of bohol famous chocolate hills
I know that it has been almost 2 months since an earthquake devastated Bohol. It was October 15, 2013 when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits these provinces (Cebu and Bohol) and leaves a remarkable disaster and damages.

I feel sorry for what happened to the provinces as we were there just a few months ago when the earthquake came in and I was so amazed with the natural beauty of the place and in fact I considered it as one of the friendliest, peaceful-est and prettiest place I have ever been and yet in just a snap the mother nature could ruin all these remarkable places in the province and I hope that boholenos and cubuanos will still remain their calming, happy and kind attitude that I admire of them.

I am also praying for the fast recovery of these provinces and I just hope that the Philippine government will fast act and courteous as expected and as what is right. 

these are the pic when we were in cebu and bohol
fort san pedro of cebu

view from sagbayan peak at bohol  

and these are the images after the tragedy

photo of newsinfo

picture from infobohol

what happened to the churches by pinoystop

the sto.nino church of rappler

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