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Saturday, January 11, 2014

My New Years Resolution

I know that most of us have new years resolutions and I actually wonder why do I have mine now. In the past years I never seem to mind to list all the things I am looking for, I just prayed to become a better person each year but now I just come up with these things and/or list I wanted to happen this 2014 and It could be because I was not able to pay more attention to it last 2013.

I wanted to share this to everybody thus, I'll be having a reference next year if I will be able to accomplish even just one of these things.

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It is indeed the number 1 resolution of people but mine is a bit different. The DIET I am pertaining to means I wanted to gain more weight. 10-15 lbs perhaps. I've been ill recently and it really changes my appearance, it loses a lot of my weight and I just wanted to retrieve my usual-normal-weight-and-appearance-figure.

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I've been bad this year and I need to gain my discipline back. I decided to be a better person this coming years so I would be able not to regret things in time.

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I've been forgetting myself lately and I wanted to spend more time with myself by having a lot of rest and spend a lot of time will pamper, reward and makes me more at ease.

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to do not just beat around the bush. i wanted to be more systematic so I will not regret anything if I failed to do something as it used to be.

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I never saved anything last 2013. I've been so careless and spent a lot to a lot of things that is not actually needed. I am planning to save more and spend wisely this year and I bet this will be my greatest challenge.

Now, i have shared all the 5 things I am planning to achieve this year. You are now all witnesses if I will be able to achieve this or just even one of these things by 2015 or perhaps as year goes. 

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