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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Uncooperative

I am still in progress for my thesis. Right now, I am in data collection phase wherein I need to talk to institutions where my data will be coming to have their permission and let my appropriate respondents answer my questionnaire or survey tool.

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My study is actually Job Satisfaction of Nurses in whatever field so that'll be both hospital and non-hospitals. I have no problem getting my respondents in hospitals as the administrators where so easy to please for approval to conduct my study. I am pretty sure that since I am in their field and I know they're professional enough to know the purpose of what I am doing... they just approve it and give me sort of advice and a good luck as well after.

But it is a different thing for non hospital companies as some of them disapprove my request of using their employees who will fit with my qualifications as my respondents and it is because of some reason they provided that I think not that acceptable but I do respect their decision.

but looking deeper to that I just wish that they also put themselves into my shoes. I am just a researcher and I do not mean no harm. I am hoping that they should've thought of that as this will be for the sake of my study and their approval will help me a lot. I just hope that their simple yes and a less than 5 minutes of answering my queries will not hurt. I just hope that they also realize that this is a study and their contribution is necessary and is meaningful. But then, their decision were all final and is irreversible and I understand that they have their own reasoning and I just hope that it is valid whatever it is.

Now, since I am a bit OC (obsessive - compulsive) for me my study is now getting unrealistic as the appropriate numbers of respondents were not collated. I just hope that my panel of experts will still approve my study and will let me pass. so a big GOODLUCK to me

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