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Saturday, January 18, 2014

The RARE Good Samaritan

Not the real photo but thanks to globalsherpa for this

This particular article isn't my story. This is a story of one of my closest friend that after hearing I can't help but commend the person who's happen to be the subject of this article.

It all started when a friend of mine (let us call her Debbie) is about to go to work and since it will more than half an hour from her area to our workplace she decided to take a nap. She used to do that but this time it is barely different. Because as she takes off the cab/van she doesn't even know that her pouch where she places her phone and important ID's accidentally was left.

She only notices it when she was at our workplace and she double checked her bag as well, she is getting late but she still can't find her pouch (obviously, because she left it) and unfortunately her phone is actually one of the latest and coziest which is Sony Xperia Z which price ranges from P30,000 - P35,000 and it is not easy for our level (newbies, apprentices, beginners etc) to have that luxury and it really rattles her. I offered her my phone to call her phone and luckily after several rang a woman answered the call and another lucky thing is that she agreed to meet the day after to return the phone "don't worry I will return your phone, just stay calm for now, I know that you might be anxious but relax you'll have your phone back tomorrow. I just have to rest for now" the girl said of course in Filipino.

But of course I cannot blame Debbie if she is still anxious and can't relax because I know how to feel if I am losing one of the valuable things I have, I know that it takes a lot of money and time she needs to save to buy that kind of rare luxury.

"Are you still coming to work?" I asked. "Can you still concentrate?" because we all know how stressful our work is. We are dealing on solving problems, now I have thought that how could my friend resolve somebody's problem if she is having a problem in the first place. She needs to bring up herself at least.

and then she was late because of that and she almost had walked out when she was asked by my boss why she was late but let us not talk about it.

But then, I understand that she is still thinking about it constantly. There are a lot of 'what if's' on her right now. What If that girl will not return it? What if she knew the value of the phone and changed her mind? What if the next time I call or texted her the phone will be out of reach forever? She is really so distress so we decided to be a bit sensitive to never put her on Panic.

But you know me, I have an unstoppable mouth as I have even told her

"If I were you I would expect the worst thing to happen" just to remind her "If I was the person who got your phone. I will never return it. Duh?! I can sell it and take advantage of it. Just keep on praying that it is really on somebody's good hands and you will have it" I told her.

and then before we part our ways as she needs to go on her meeting place with the girl who got her phone I have given her some sort of advice.

1. Have somebody with her. She is still a stranger and it is better to be safe.

2. Buy her some present. A cake with a thank you on it or a box of J.CO Doughnuts or Krispy kreme.

3. Thank her as if you owe her a lot.

4. And have a good and not short conversation with her until she is the one to tell you to part your ways. It'll be offensive on her part if she feels you wanted to leave soon. Remember you owe her something.

5. and of course, Prove to her that she just did the right thing.

and of course to send me a message whenever she got your phone.

When I woke up the day after, I never got nor receive any message if debbie got her phone. and as I came in to work she wasn't there yet. I am now thinking of worst thing happening not until I saw her coming she was just an hour late and when we had our lunch together she told me everything.

Let us call the good samaritan Girlie. Girlie was actually Debbie's seat mate that night and they're both taking a nap. Debbie is about to go to work while Girlie is about to go home. When Debbie take off the van.. Girlie moved on Debbie's seat and she noticed a hard thing on it which happens to be the pouch. She is about to ask everybody on the cab if they own it but she think that again maybe somebody will just claim it. so she pull out the content of the pouch and saw the phone and the wall paper which happens to be the face of Debbie and his boyfriend. Nobody match her face on the other passenger. She also thought of surrendering it to the driver but she thought the driver might just take advantage of it as well. so she just took it and told herself that once debbie called she will return it to her and so they did.

Girlie even thought of not returning it to Debbie but she also thought that she lost her phone before and she know how it feels.

Her background? Girlie a caretaker in some dormitories in University Belt and so I really utter to debbie that she is so lucky that a good person like Girlie got her phone and was never been interested on it and returned it to her without a doubt.

I am so happy for my friend that she got her valuables back. I am so happy for Girlie as well (though i never met her) that she was blessed with that good heart though she is not that fortunate, she did not intend to personally take advantage of that rare case. I am happy because this kind of person still exist and in behalf of Debbie I am hoping and praying for this girl to be blessed and be guided more.

Meanwhile, Debbie said she gave her a cake as advised by me with a 'Thank you' written on it. and i know it is good enough for Girlie to feel that she did the right thing and she was appreciated. May she had her dreams come true then and i wish that there will be more people who will be like her. I wish I could be like her. A truly amazing experience. 

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