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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Busy Lately

photo from smalltownpastorandlovingit
I'm so sorry that I was not able to catch up lately as I became so busy..

I thought that after my final defense my days would be easier but it's not. It became more intense as I have to do a lot of revisions with my thesis before it'll be submitted and publicized. There's a lot of things to do with that alone and it stresses me both with knowledge for doing the thesis and my pocket for making it possible and why on earth thesis are so expense-full?

So I am still working on it and I am hoping to finish that sooner so I could sleep at night peacefully.

plus.. some good news. I got promoted at work. I never applied for it, I was just appointed and so there are lots of adjustments that I have to do especially with the new workloads, bosses and environment that I have to deal with so please forgive me if I am not being that active... but please constantly monitor the blog still.. I will always find time to share my precious stories and experience with you all

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