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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Lost Dog

photo from the site import atlanta 
It was a rainy evening when I am currently sleeping as It'll be my first night shift for the week when somebody hits the doorbell and no one from our household is responding or looking who it was and I forced myself to woke up to entertain that person in our gate only to find out that I was alone. So I hurriedly went to the door, I know that that person is waiting for so long and it is raining so they might get cold.

The girl is our neighbor and she is carrying a dog and the breed of the dog is similar to my kids: shih tzu it is just whiter and not that printed.

"Nakawala po yung aso niyo" (Your dog got lost) The girl said "Nakita ko po sya pagala-gala" (I saw her roaming around)

I was speechless at first, I know that the dog isn't mine. But the girl is already handing the dog towards me and I grabbed it and say

"Salamat! Buti nalang binalik mo! Salamat talaga!!!" (Thank you, I am so thankful you returned her, Thank you so much!" as if the dog is mine.

and so we (me and the dog) went inside the house after waiving goodbye to the good samaritan-neighbor girl

My sleepiness was gone after and I am just looking at that dog who keeps on following me wherever I'll go. My kids are just looking at her, I am so happy that they're being kind to some visitor but as I wait for my sister to arrive and to decide what to do with the found dog I just suddenly think why did I pretend that the dog is mine?

Does it mean that my kids would now be five? I asked myself. My dogs would be happy and It is not a problem to me if my kids will be have an additional.

But a heart of a dog-lover been overpowers me.. I suddenly realized that I just made the right thing. I pretended that the dog is mine because I know that there might be some person who'll pretend that it is their dog though it is not. At least, I know that i will find ways to look for the owner of the dog and return it for I know how would it feel if one of my kids got lost as well.

My sister came in and I shared to her what have happened and she just told me that what I am thinking to do would be the best thing and she is supporting me with that, and since it is raining we'll adopt the dog for that night and we'll look for its owner the day after.

I shared the story to an office friend whom I know is a dog lover as well. But she is asking me to give her the dog instead or she'll buy it to me. But I told her that I will find for the owner of the dog and that if I am not able to find the owner then I will adopt the dog. 

I was disappointed after hearing that from her. I assessed that this person is selfish and is not truly a dog lover. She didn't even tried to put her shoes on to the owner of the dog.

The day after, as promised me and my sister walked in the neighborhood but we didn't knock and ask people if they have missed a dog. I know for sure that somebody might pretend they are. So we decided to walk with 2 of my kids and try our luck to walk near houses we know have the same breed of pets.

However, the husband of my sister texted us that his friend has a dog missing and we went to the house of that common friend. We never knock and asked if they're missing a dog. My sister pretended that we are just dropping by and walked our dogs but as they've seen our dogs they abruptly asks us if we have seen a dog and show us some picture of them together. 

and so my sister and I we're both convinced that they own the dog we just found.

The reuniting moment of the dog and the owner has been so unforgettable. My sister cried and I almost did when we have seen these joy from the owner of the joy who was crying because of joy. I felt how she loved the dog and how she told us she'll never let it happen again and I know she won't.

I suddenly hugged my dogs after. I really can't imagine what will I do and how will I feel if I lose even one of them. 

I also feel so great that I was able to help somebody by bringing back their joy.

and that day, I was able to sleep peacefully because I know that just as long that I have my kids and my family with me then i will be forever blessed.

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