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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Nice Illustration from Business Women Rising
I am not so certain if I was able to share the news but I would like everybody to know that I was promoted just last June 2014 and it feels so great!

I was actually been picked, selected and appointed by my new boss, my previous boss and the management to fill out the position and I feel so proud about it because finally somebody has seen my potential and my hard works are being paid off.

It is not that easy at first as I have to deal with different type of people and socialize and adjust for them as well but I can sense it fun at the same time as I am having a lot of friends.

It is not that easy because I have to prove to them that I am fit enough to support them but at  the same time it practices my credibility.

It is not that easy because it can saddens me if my team is doing poorly but on the other hand it challenge me to look for something that would help 

It is not that easy because there's a lot of eyes focus on me but at least I can let them see how great I am (am I so arrogant? haha nah! that is just me pushing myself)

But still, my biggest challenge is BEING ON TIME!!! lolz

I am thriving to work hard, I am assuming a new post in 6 months. Never say NEVER!!!

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