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Friday, August 22, 2014


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I just became so busy lately because (as what stated on my previous blog entry) I got Promoted yey! However aside from the added task and responsibilities are the additional metrics that I or we have to meet to stay in the position. 

Well, my first month went so well and I am being recognized and commended by my bosses and tables were turned on the second month... my second month seems to be the most critical month for me since my team started so slow and I am not there to lift them up because I have to fulfill my other duties and since I am in the middle of two different task now my scores went down. In the last 9 months, this will be the first time I wasn't able to meet the goal and that makes me the weakest among the other supervisors in the office and that makes me so f*ckin down. 

I am a type of person who is always doing my best to be on top because I am a competitive type and it seems like my efforts are not being paid right and I believed I did my best than what I am doing before wherein I am consistently hitting the requirements that makes me be appointed to the position and I don't know what is happening now and it seems like August is not a good month for me.

Now, the pressure is on since I'll be on hot seat and this September I have to meet every part of our metrics and I have to come up with a nice game plan. I shouldn't relax and so a big pressure is on me.

Sigh. I am praying for the success of my plans or else I am dead. 

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