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Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Social Life of being a Single

It is my Rest Day today. Well actually, it has been my rest day since yesterday and this has been my dream rest days as I'm gonna be having Friday and Saturday to marry the night however I am just at home 'till now. 

I used to have my Fridays and Saturdays a wild and fun one the last few years however that is when all of my friends were single however I am the one left and they're all with their happy love life... yeah right!?

thanks for the photo stuff thats relevant
I am very happy for them of course. Especially that I know they're in good hands and it seems like their partners are seriously in love with them, I understand that their time will be limited for me, I just didn't expect that the seldom chances of getting together would be near ti 'never'. 

So, they pushed me on blind dating because they say 'they wanted me to be happy as well' and that 'I deserve a love life too' well, if I know, they're only saying that so that I'm not gonna torment them going out with me without their partners haha

Okay, so I did. They set up dates for me for almost every other week. However none of them works. I know that I have to adjust as people do have different personality. I've been in the industry where I have to please and understand every people however none of these dates fit me and so I decided to stop and realize that maybe it is really not for me... yet. Maybe, i have to be alone so I could spend time with myself and my family as well. 

and i am still gonna torment my friends to hang out with me and tell some lies to their partners so they'll allow them too. that's what friends are for anyways hahahahah (evil laugh)

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