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Monday, September 29, 2014

Life Sentence for Animal Cruelty

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I’ve had an article before about animal cruelty and this is about three girls doing torturing a month old puppy to death and early today I found in the news that the mastermind in this animal crime has found to be guilty and convicted with life sentence plus P9M fine.

It was found that the three girls in the video are all underage and are just subject to crime as well. These 2 syndicate are running the business who torture animals because of some fetishly-satisfaction-kinda thing to foreigners mostly from western countries and I never really imagined that there are people who would even pay and see and get satisfaction on seeing animals to die and not just to die but to die from torture - how heartless. Sigh.

Well at least, justice was given to that poor dog who never did any harm to them. Who may just want to have some caring and is willing to show unconditional love and I know that this sentence is just right for these heartless people who will disregard the value of life just for their own pleasures and advantages.

I am hoping that animal cruelty would be stopped. I am hoping that people will always be empathetic even to these non-human creatures. Let us always prove to everyone that we deserve to be called human. If we cannot help them, at least do not hurt them. There is nothing wrong on sharing some love. 

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