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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Missed Opportunities

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If I can share one best lesson in life? I believe that is to "keep right!" it is simple but for me there's a lot of meaning behind those two words. I believe that in any instance we have to stick on doing what is correct and somehow it'll lead us to regretless future.

Maybe some of you have read my article Pressured where I have had some struggle last month on maintaining my metrics and I have became one of the bottom performers for my new position and to tell you honestly because of that instance there are a lot of windows closed for me to move up.

I have been dreaming that it is my time to step up into different and higher position. I believed that I am now ready to fill-in the position and I am fit in for having the responsibility however due to my poor performance last month I was not qualified to move. I regret. If only that did not happened. I told myself.

However that did not stop me. Maybe it's just not for me yet and maybe I'm rushing things again and again. I know that I am very much deserving for what I am right now and I know that I need more time to be called deserving before I move up. 

I come up with some game plan and so far so good and just as long as i will 'keep right' then everything would be okay, at the right time. So let us not give up.

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