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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another SHAMEFUL ACT of Mrs. Bitter Ocampo

"Love me or hate me! Just think your thinking of me"

guys??? the grammar is nearly correct right? but if you use your deeper metamorphic sense of correct english grammar this quotation is very idiotic and reckless... tara at ating tagalugin.. gustohin mo man ako o hindi.. isipin mo nalang iniisip mo ko??????????????????

hulaan niyo nalang kung kaninong shout out yan sa friendster... hmmm... kasi naman e.. halos bumagsak na nga sa Filipino e nag e-english pa.. na o-okray tuloy! harhar.. well let's all appreciate her effort and let us give this certificate of appreciation.

and then, all together! let us say

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  1. hahaha! nice blog!
    xchange links naman tayo?


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