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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

They're Coming!!! and it's very exciting!

first and foremost i would like to welcome someone.. i was being informed that this person is a good follower of our blog.. this person knows all about this and if i'm going to set a quiz.. this person will make it all perfect.. as no wrong spellings and no missed spots..

aba e king ganyan na follower ka ng blog then signed up na as a follower of the blog makikita mo yun sa gilid para welcome ka na diba? besides... wala na naman kami magagawa kung nakikisali ka talaga samin e...

okay.. as a focal point of this entry.. i would like to tell you all about my good news...

They're coming! i know you know whom i am pertaining too.

i saw them the last time at the ground floor of our institution.. enrolling and i admire them for having such guts to take the risk of entering our institution ngayon pa na we are all graduating students and we'll dominate the CON

i am so excited guys.. we are dominant at sila? ano nga ba sila? eh wala nga silang kaibigan?? nyahaha!!! Mahirap na nga ang nursing sa Skulnatin, and it's enough for them pero papayag ba tayo na hanggang enough lang? aba dapat more than enough ang magyari..

Marami silang inargrabyado sa'tin.. lets have a sweet pay back time right???

Plans were settled and lets's reserve our laughs till the day comes haha

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