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Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Tribute to Ms. Lisette Roberto

Hushed, trouble-free but very clever creature those are the words that best describe Ms. Lisette Roberto… undeniably one of the most intelligent person of our section since it all started..

I still remember when we are only beginning with our new section (2-I) I always heard certain rumors that this girl is very smart as she always know what to respond in every particular subject matter, at first I doubt it, she is not that active enough for I would say that she is really smart but first impression isn’t always correct because I learned how to eat my words and left it all unspoken…

I never expect that we will be that close as we never mend any words to each other at all before. But I (we) are glad that we met such unique person like you who is not biased and ready to understand each of your companions. We do appreciate all of your efforts to help every one of us as much as you can and because of that you resembles that you are really smart as you can never be a self centered person.

Thanks for making a great contribution in our case pres (3-I), I know you did your best to make it on its distinction. For all the hospitable welcome in your home whenever we wanted to… haha and for your libre on your birthday… atleast di ka nakalimot haha

We will miss you lisette, although we all nanghihinayang because magkukulang ang section natin next year sa graduation.. but still in our hearts we know na you did your best to make it all happen but unfortunately your best wasn’t good enough but we all understand, we really do….

Good luck for you there, well we all know that you can do it sana hindi ka makalimot and we hope one day na we (3I) will be complete and will make our nasty stuffs.. haha

And yes you are right lisette… we will never say bye-bye…

We love you.. we really do

You are a true BSN 3I forever.. and certified NASTY NURSE!!!

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