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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Da Who: BUSTED!???

As a 3-I.. now 4-I a part of our routine whenever enrollment came in is our verves.. I mean our Kickbacks.. hehe and of course all of us will seize the chance to get it as higher as possible.

But what if our parents caught us that we are dealing with this kind of vicious routine?? How can we act innocent though we are very caught in act???

Da who, da who, at da who

Da who itong? Guy na ito na na chorva ni mudra na kumikikbaks ng seven kyaw??? Hmmn…??

Ang nanyare xe is da mudra ask another nursing student na ka batch ni suspek about tuition… and den mudra suddenly texted da suspek..

‘ ANAK! Smuggler ka! Ma cho-chorva kita!”

den si suspek ay super isip ng valid reasons pero pag-uwi niya ay bigla ba naman isinampal ni mudra sa face niya ang TOR ng napagtanungan.. ala na keber si mudra sa excuse niya dahil ala na lusot.. heheh

Sino siya???

May konek sia kay DOREMON???? Hehe at sa pic na ito….


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