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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do You Really Know What’s the Real Meaning of the Word PATHETIC?

I laugh just a while ago. Yah, I laugh so hard as I almost snort when I was being taught about your words of vulnerability but after that laugh, I suddenly realize is that enough for me? I don’t think so… it doesn’t hit my ego either!

I heard you akin to call somebody PATHETIC. But let me ask you one thing; do you even know what’s the real meaning of that word? Because I deduce you don’t, as your avowal is too trivial to call them one. And for my recommendation, you should retake the subject Communication Arts in your new school; as you may learn supplementary things you’ve never learned from your alma mater.

You pity him right? But don’t you feel any disgrace on yourself of what may happen after you’ve pity him? Again, hell no! Right? I never even wonder why it never came into your mind. My previous blog shown all the grounds why anyway.

Let me tell you a concise meaning of the magic word for this season. PATHETIC is an adjective. It is also identified as pitiful, pitiable; arousing or serving pity; appearing weak. (Webster., New Dictionary of the English Language. The Popular Group LLC, New York. 2002)

And here are the list of things ought to have more humiliation and pity

- I never read any of your statement in untainted English. No wonder
- Your grades are pitiable
- You criticize others work with their spelling, but it’s just a simple
mistake compare with your syntax/grammatical dilemmas and grades worth
- Your foes used you before, do you still remember?
- An assumed friend betrayed you as they’ve been a good source of mine
- One of your friend stated ‘I never wonder why her grades are so castigating!
She is imbecile! She doesn’t even know the correct subject verb agreement at
- ‘iiiw’ doesn’t have any class rather than ‘eeww’
- You don’t have innovation. What you’ve done to the first victim was the same
routine with your current one.
o You must never act as a malevolent texter
o You must not hack friendster or other accounts
o You must not utter ‘para kang walang pinag-aralan’ because in the first
place they never initiate the fire, they are actually doing you a favor of
nurturing it so that, freaky grotesque creature will get rid of playing it
- Look at yourself and look at us. We took the first year of our college
almost the similar day but we are almost drawing to a close while you are
just there… I mean still there, still in the beginning.
- Doesn’t it come into your diminutive wits that I may be your instructor when
time comes just because of that? Well it will be a great opportunity for me
to introduce who am I.
- You are exploring others businesses and tell it to your assumed peers and I
cant figure it out why you are looming yourself to us whereas we never heed
about you, of why you are threatening us that you discern the whole thing
while you really don’t have any businesses at all! And you know what? That
starts my annoyance and vengeance.

You know what? I have an advice to you. If you want to say something to me then don’t post it in fs bulletin. We are not friends there thus I cant read it. Your effort wouldn’t be appreciated at all! Just do what I did. I do know that you are a consistent reader of this blog thus I posted all my messages here.

Btw. I would like to acknowledge the effort of my source of telling all of your issues and concerns at least it will be all renowned and known.

You know? Because of what happened? I’m now going to kick off who am I viciously and roughly because I am not what you are thinking.

She said; ‘WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ARE NONSENSE’ check your grammar ramshackle!

And another adversary advice.. your expressions are very usual try and search for something sundry. bitch? Who among us gets offended of it? stupid? I knew it since I learned how to speak? dork? Well I concede you for watching foreign films, at least you learned something different but it’s erstwhile.

I discerned a lot about you, do you have the indistinguishable fine points too?

‘LOOSER.!!!’--> ba?? Haha patawa ka! Tattered vagabond, standoffish and most of all slaughter!

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