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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Intoxicated by THE BAR (always open)

June 02, 2009 another embarassing but funny thing happen as we are all under the influence of alcohol and obviously the result would be: something unexpected happened.

the session begins at school.. as we are there for enrollment and celebrated that we are finally on our last year in college.. haha proudly!

then, 3 hours after lunch we decided to meet GHERICK'S prospect at PUREGOLD but unfortunately it is not a PROSPECT but more closer to SUSPECT haha (joke pala) then, we met the gang and we bought our magic drinks.. THE BAR then, we started it fastly at Jorge Place.. asusual and while the fun is happening we decided to watch a movie instead of dancing to death.. and i chose the movie and syempre kikay ang movie na iyon.. FREAKY FRIDAY!! of lindsay lohan.. hahaha

and then, some revelation went out

HONEY's NEW BF went but went off so fast (haha piz)

GHERICK had so much fun with FREAKY FRIDAY

MARIEL make libre barbeque.. haha sarap

EM did not vomits... wow! improvement

MARIEL suddenly cried.. we are all stunned! i was stunned and we comfort her! wala ng Bitter isyu!

EHJAY! vomits.. eeewww!! and cried, then initiates HYPERVENTILATION and then VOMITS again!

I vomit! but only few witnessed it.. haha buti naman


EM and EJ went off earlier than us..

got Home by past 10.. i wounder i have wound below by palm...??? hmm??/

JORGE And RB argue because of text messages.. tsk tsk

and then, after 2 days.. we all met and reminisce it all... haha Saya!! i know mauulit ito.. now pa magkakaroon na ng tambayan ang TROPA

Mabuhay! ang mga BITTER!!! haha

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