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Monday, November 16, 2009

Caffeine during Pregnancy

It has been suggested that a high intake of caffeine during pregnancy might be associated with increased risk of impaired fetal growth or even miscarriage. Now a study in Denmark has shown no effect of reduction of coffee intake on birth weight or length of gestation.

A total of 1,207 women who drank the last three cups of coffee daily were randomized before 20 weeks gestation to take either caffeinated or decaffeinated instant coffee. The mean daily caffeine intake of caffeinated coffee group was 182 mg/day greater than that of the decaffeinated coffee group. The mean birth weights were 3,539 grams (caffeinated) vs 3,519 grams (decaffeinated). After adjustment for length of gestation, parity, pregnancy BMI and smoking, mean birth weight in the caffeinated group was 16 grams less than in the decaffeinated group, a non-significant difference. Similarly, length of gestation did not differ significantly between the two groups.
Therefore, drinking decaffeinated coffee did not affect birth weight or length of gestation.

Source: JPOG magazine May/Jun 2007 Vol. 33 No. 3

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