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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sweet Revenge

Guys, i just want to share my short story entitled sweet revenge. i know na some of us makakarelate because they've been through these trials of having a relationship actually, a complicated relationships... in fact, this was supposed to be an article of mine sa Nurses Notes but it didnt qualify because of late na naipasa and lack of pages from the said chronicle.. (still i have some articles for the upcoming issue)... its actually a novel e na pinaikli para maging short story.. i can email the novel to u if u want just say so...

I guess, we deserve a background music upon reading to have heartfelt gratitude and implicating of the thought of the story... ur comment will be appreciated...

Click on the song before reading.. enjoi and reminisce

“Do you really love me?” Claire asked him, I know she saw me looking at them from behind, I know she really wants me to hear his response.
“Of course! That’s why I would like to end it all to her so we can be forever!” Kyle said. She looked in his eyes and she suddenly kissed him as passionate as it could be. I know she planned it all. She really wants me to suffer by letting go first than of Kyle so it could be lot easier for them to be free.

My tears wants to burst out of my lids of seeing my boyfriend Kyle kissing other woman and this woman is his ex. Hearing all of their show, he wants to end up with me so they can be together again.

I sat on the bench and forced myself not to even spend tears on it. I know that someone might saw me and I don’t want them to have pity on me just because I am being played by two unforgivable persons. I heard some steps walking towards me and I knew it’s him and now he is standing in front of me, and I raise my head to figure out if I’m right and yes, the man who fooled me is now in front of me. I stood up as if nothing happened but it seemed like he is too clued enough to know that I am not okay and so he muse over me

“Are you okay?” he asked

but before other things happened next I stopped it all and I slapped him in his face. Now he is holding his face mending the hurt it could bring we are looking in each others eyes and yes he is wise enough to never ask why, he already have all the explanations.

I’m Sorry” he uttered, but I left and never answered back I went rashly to the comfort room for my tears will soon fell off my cheeks. I don’t want to shed even a drop of my tears for him but it hurts, it really hurts and my heart seemed to be burning inside.

“I am so stupid of loving him!” I gave my all just to make us happy but then, I was being fooled, I’m the only one who loves him and that what hurts the most. But what can I do now? Even if I cried thousand liters of tears it will not bring him back and will never make him love me… Thus I should get over and that’s my last option. It’s really hard to get move on, everyday hurts but I must go on and be strong. I shouldn’t be the looser in the game.

I really want something that would help my emotions out of my chest and I know that this is through something that might feel them sorry that they did this thing to me and yes I mean it. I mean of Revenge! They fooled me, they make me feel like a stupid, being mocked around it’s just right to let them feel how much it hurts to be played, being a heart broken.

So I did, and I started by being friends again with Kyle and I know he will never refuse because I know that he even felt the guilt that he must feel after doing such damn thing to me. I texted him with sweet messages of mine, I tried to stole his time from her, I always asked him to go into our house because my mom wanted too (although it’s really not) or even ask some help for our major examination although I really have all the knowledge needed for it just to reassure that Claire would suffer. Until I slowly found out that what I’m trying now is to steal his heart back to me.

“I guess you are okay now” he uttered all at once “I gave you the utmost time I can offer to be sure that you are okay of what happened. And it’s now her turn, she really need me now” he explained, I know she is pertaining to Claire and I just nod as if I understand everything.

But I didn’t. I can’t figure out why does he is so attached to her. Why does all this time, with all of my effort he still love her and what I did are all nonsense… it’s just a commiseration of him because he left me out of the blue.

Later that night, I refuse when he asked me to take me home because I know that it’ll be harder for me if he’ll do things he used to. I started to muse over things. I remembered when he courted me; I really don’t know what does he liked about me. I don’t have any recognized special assets that would make him fall in love with me but the real me.

I fell in love with him of course. He really gave me such special attention I am longing for… he is very thoughtful and he is a perfect gentleman and maybe those are the facts that makes me so hurt when we separated our ways rather than being fooled by them. I heard the reasons and so it’s all up to me if I’ll consider it all.

It all ends with something unexpected. I never thought that my anger with Kyle and Claire would fade away this early. At least I’m not one of those usual girls out there who’ll spend some years to overcome heartaches. And my secret recipe? Is acceptance.

Acceptance that it’s me who makes the tiny whole grows, Acceptance that I did some revenge because I want him back and I don’t want him to be other girls and it’s me who makes things gone bigger than its usual but that revenge does not heal my wound, it makes it divulge even more because it only implies to me that he will never be mine anymore but at least I learned, we all learned

I really can’t imagine that after all, things will get well. Revenge is an act of a man when his body responds for some payback of things that never went off well and with Revenge; “I found what life is and what love is”

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