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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Recent Epidemic

I went to the Cabanas last October 31 (Saturday) for a Halloween celebration with my high school peers, we headed to umbrella first to chill our minds and have our exchange of stories and experiences and so as the gossips.

We stay at the ground where there are stand up comediennes to enjoy the night first, and unknowingly comediennes intrigue me and make me sing for the crowd and after a long please I forgave them with my favorite videoke song ‘smooth’ by santanna and then another request ‘Bakit ngayon ka lang’ by ogie alcasid having duet with the comedienne and lastly by request ‘Tell me where it hurts’ by mymp.

After draining the barrel of beer, we headed and went upstairs and evolve from crowd to party people and so we did. Loud and lively music came up to me and makes me beat for every dip. And the climax of this story will just begin.

As I am enjoying my drink I started to observe the dancer, and what caught my attention was this guy dancing alone while his friends are only seating watching him from then on. Suddenly two guys walk dancing towards the dancing guy as if they wanted to dance with him. But the guy just turned around and never seems to mind. But the two guys insist and keep on dancing from his back while the guys refuses. I am in the midst of watching that issue when my friends invited “Tara lipat tayo” and so I stood up and followed them as we will transfer to the other bar just besides the alleged one.

“Buti hindi nagkaroon ng sapakan doon noh?!” I told one of my peers “The guy is straight that’s why he never mind those two bisexuals dancing with him” I explained “yung mga kasama nila sama na ng tingin sa bi e”

Another story is when we transferred to the bar besides the previous one. I am texting then, so I headed last to the new bar but before I headed I encountered this guy whose happen to get ‘tapilok’ in front of me, he smiled maybe due to his clumsiness and so do I just to say ‘it’s okay’.

“Are you going in?” he asked me. “Yeah! Nasa loob ang friends ko” I answered and so he did “It’ll be fun” then I entered the bar with due process. Another stand up comedienne came our path and makes us burst and laugh into death then after t comediennes’ session, a band headed next

I was amused when I saw some familiar face from the band, the guy I encountered outside is the lead guitarist of the band, and as they played I figure him out and I can say he’s cute.

The mode of the band are disco song and so as they played people starts to dance and had party and so we (my friends) did. I went to the comfort room to comfort my bladder and I got astound when I saw 2 guys inside the men’s room hugging each other. I pretend not to mind but I really did mind them. It’s not just an ordinary hug of friends reunited, because the hug is very passionate and to consider that they were in the men’s room, don’t they even consider discrimination from straight men if they will get caught?

I went back straight into the dance floor and danced with my friends. But suddenly my LLQ hurts so I decided to seat for a while. I just observed the dancers again and of course some of them caught my attention.

I guy danced with another guy whose happened to be new to him, I can figure it as I noticed how he approached him and I confirmed it when I stood up as if I am dancing again though my LLQ still hurts. I heard him ask ‘Ano nga pala pangalan mo?’ then, my mind started to issued them from then on.

After a while I saw them (the two guys) danced with other guy and shook each others hands. Then I amused ‘are all of the guys here belong to the next gender?’ alcohol intoxication disappears of me when someone holds my waist from behind and as I figured, it’s an unknown guy, wearing red and he have the looks I just forgave him and danced with him of all my efforts and we just thank each other after a song.

After the band, was another set of the comediennes and suddenly one of our clan (section i) is calling and so I harshly go outside to answer it but seems chappy so it’s very hard to communicate well. I ended it and asked the caller to call again after ten seconds and as I waited I noticed the guy I just met before I entered the bar a while ago, I suddenly think if ‘what if I’ll approach him? Will he entertain me too?’ but before I answered my questions, something came to fail it.

A transsexual (I supposed to be the manager of the band) approaches him. He introduced a guy to him and left them after, it seems like the guy being introduce had a crush on him as I heard the transsexual said “single siya, single ka… gusto ka niya, edi ayan!’ and then they are being placed on a 2 seater table as if to have certain privacies.. sabi ko nalang ‘Parang CafĂ© World, nahuli lang ng konti spoiled na’ then the ‘i’ called and it’s still chappy so we agreed na text text nalang. I re-entered the bar and continue the fun I was having.

I went home by 4am, and I cant sleep… I make some coffee and drink it on my terrace and gaze at the stars when I recall all of these.

I am happy that non-heterosexual had their freedom during things like those and it seems like most of us are dominant. I am just concerned that most of them, doesn’t mind limitation as they almost prefer that all of the people within the vicinity are all in the same line but they don’t. the bi wants to dance unknowingly that the guy is straight, two guys hugged in the men’s room without considering there are still straight men will use it and might saw them there might be discriminations, and the guys on the dance floor, having such guts to flirt all at once without having the fear of straight men’s rejection.

I never had that confidence during that night though I was sedately challenged by the toxins because I do know my limitations, I know what might happened for every action and I should be responsible for every of it.

I just want them realize that they should know their limitations too. It’s not always good that they’ll assume that everyone belongs to this while they must be the one who set aside because they’re still on matter of rejection and discriminations. Aun lang naman… it’s not bad to seek your fun and trips just with the right way of it, right time, right place, route and dose.

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