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Saturday, December 12, 2009

CON-Field Trip.

I almost forgot to share this one of the  funniest and most exciting memories of our institution. I already forgot the date it happened but not the memories.

Bus number 1 is our transport. And I, with my friends are complete and so obviously it would be fun. First destination is the Correctional for women somewhere in mandaluyong and we found out how they lived with such small world due to certain liabilities. We are being entertained and appreciated their efforts through their dance numbers.

Next destination is the familiarity with certain hospitals scattered in quezon city so we wont be innocent anymore of where is this and where was that…

Before the climax of the trip was the stop over in a huge branch of gasoline station along SLEX for lunch and at 1pm we are in E.K (Enchanted Kingdom)

Fear and Braveness revealed among us but through it we enjoyed and get to know more about ourselves.

After that fun we continue to celebrate with the videoke on our bus, showing of talent showcased and later on due to tiredness we almost collapse to sleep and woke up in malolos.

A nice break us this deserves for each of us, we must not always suffer we must also think of ourselves sometimes and enjoy for this will be our last field trip together.

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