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Saturday, December 12, 2009

CON WEEK in its success…

A week of action was held on our institution last December 1-4 and so far, we may all see that it went great. Students give their maximum participation on each of the event being conducted such as Quiz Bee (Tuesday) Singing Contest (Wednesday a.m) Mr. & Ms. Nursing Pre-Pageant (Wednesday P.M) Nutrition Cooking Contest (Thursday A.M) Dance Contest (Thursday P.M) and on the last day with it’s grand socialization night.

Certain 3-i also participated in the said event though we are on our different track still we give our best to do our participation in it.

E.J Santiago won 2nd place to the singing contest
Kim Asenas won 3rd place with their dance.
Em Cabasal with her group won 3rd place at cooking contest

It is good that with our last year (hopefully) we still give our best shot to make our college life historical. 3-i will always be 3-i and it’s a part that we can divulge our hidden abilities. Aim up high my dear colleagues aim up high my dear 3-i

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