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Sunday, December 13, 2009

To draw or not to draw the Line

(Ellow Fellas, this is my article for the last issue of nurses notes nga pala... it was published then i want to share it to all of u cos this is a product of a 3-i...)

“He has a boyfriend” I was stunned when some of my batch mates chit chatting-sharing their gossips down the straight corridor of our building. It’s not an immense issue that a typical day of a student would be filling. Gossips mostly incurred from someone they never knew that often but the issue isn’t just an issue, the issue they’re having was very amusing.

Admit it; Virginity is not the peak issue revolving through the young minds of our generation although before, someone would be reprimanded when put into that issue but not now. Virginity just occurs by nature; most of us already crossed the line and who among us would say that they don’t know anything about sex? Maybe only few and those few might be the one to be discriminated after all because they are too innocent and their innocence might blind them up into something that they never wanted to see before.

Girls continue to make life goes on with their inspirations and so as men do. Gays are really scattering now, assuming in that they are a natural inhabitant of the system. It’s very interrogating that gay could function as they never did the last generations and who would wonder that they will be having their inspirations too as what one of my girl-friends says “haba ng hair!” (You really had a long hair!)

But veracity really varies as I was astounded by what I’ve heard. I knew the guy they’re pertaining of and I just heard that this guy was having a same sex relationship which is very inquisitive. It started certain questions in mind right after, Gay relationship is also between two men but why does gay relationship is being more accepted than of man to man relationship? Does Gay men really considered and accepted as a third sex as they can share boys with girls? Does it mean gays couldn’t be discriminated at all because of the mass acceptance? but on the other hand., I do know it’s all shallow questions but if you’ll just think a bit shallower than its shallowness I know you’ll see better but deep answers.

Man to man relationship is about bisexual relationship. An entity in which a man is attracted into both genders and they are being discriminated more when they wanted to be natural. It seems like gossip folks tends to discriminate them when they utter words from their mouth, but the thing must not fluctuate at all.

Gender has no real boundaries, the boundaries that we used to know only runs through our head. It’s no different than deciding where the foul line is. The line is not drawn by nature, it's a line we draw on nature. Granted, most folks fall into one of the two broad categories, a bimodal distribution, as they say. But the space in between the two groups is not at all empty, and there are lots of us in the in-between.

Human are human, we are all destined to be attracted and we are all tasked for affection. A typical person needs a typical affection he really need and freedom is the only best thing we can offer. They are also human, they needed to be understood such understanding we are lacking of to give.

Opening up our minds seems hard to give as simple concerns as this aren’t been comprehend with warm comprehension. The tendency of people involved in the issue is to be resilient because they don’t want to create a sound but it seems like ordinary people do the every notes of the sound being avoided. Gossips like what I just heard only build up the immature minds of us people although acceptance is not that easy to kick off but we must try. Try not to think of any boundaries in between and try to fix huge barrier between their world and the distinct world. They do know that the reason of their resilient voice is this usual reaction they often get , putting ourselves into them will help and understanding that they needed to be understand will do and through it all we are dared to choose: to draw or not to draw the line.

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