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Saturday, December 12, 2009

CON Grand Socialization Night

As a part of the BulSU Con tradition its yearly CON-night was successfully done last December 4, 2009 at the activity center of the said university. In line with this are the active participation of partnerships between responsible organizations of the institution such as Knightingale Society, Care Central and Nurses Notes and also it’s major sponsor/partner the Rendezvous (a bar situated at the Cabanas along the highway of longos, malolos, bulacan).

After few remarks, an opening number (a dance number) from selected faculty was held to heathen up the solemn cold night, followed by the main host of the night the two stand-up comedians who easily tickle the laugh sensation of each nursing student present.

Battle of the band are also emphasized and congratulations to purple team for bringing home the bacon (the participants are my friends) and also for the runner ups and consolations.

And with the initiation of the fun by our dear clinical instructors made us feel the crowd rocking followed by the band of the rendezvous who played disco songs makes us dance to death crazily. And of course the night’s was more memorable for me because of a thing for a crush happened haha (silly)

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