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Friday, January 29, 2010

COPAR on success!!

Last January 14, 2010 when we conduct our COPAR (community organizing participatory action research) in baranggay sta. ana bulacan bulacan and at last it all went fair and fine. After a thorough implementing of efforts and practice it went down to success.

The program emphasized presentation of community diagnosis with the baranggay status and problem this will give awareness to the community people on what to deal and what to avoid and the later sequences will be continued by the next group but let’s not talk about the next group… we are the focal point here ahe.

The program is hosted by our classmate who impersonates ‘vice-ganda’ and from section A (we are section B) who impersonates Kris Aquino and I can say that it’s good. First play was contoured by section A specifying Demographic Profile of the baranggay and socio-economic status. Then followed by the intermission number from both section (I’ll upload the video soon)

Our intermission compromised our ‘valsalva maneuvers’ (all boys of Sec B), the La Diva (3 gorgeous faries of the section) and the Pookinz! (we rock haha!). Valsalva Maneuvers danced Buttons and whatever you like, La diva took half of the buttons and Pookinz danced Bebot. And it hits the crowd with laughter and amazement haha.

And it is followed by our sections play proper dealing with Health and illness pattern and as well as the Political and leadership and with its exaggerations, twist and the 2 host for every scene with our dynamic duo (I & Gherick) it really caught crowd’s attention

As the director of the play, I was given the honor to introduce staffs and actors to the crowd for simple recognition of efforts and responsibility.

And we’re very thankful that it is rated ‘Very Good’ “Very Good Job” by our C.I

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