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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Homophobics… what’s with the existence?

I just rode on a jeepney late at night as I’ll be heading on our high-school reunion/x-mas party somewhere in malolos and as I paid I busily texted my friends as they keep on tormenting where am I because as usual and nothings new: I am late.

Suddenly, my business flock off when a gay (transverts or those who wears girls stuff without surgeries) gets in but the jeepney driver shouths at him

‘Hoy bakla! Bumaba ka nga lang at ayokong mahawaan mo ng kamalasan itong jeep ko!’

I was dumbfounded

“Hoy manong! Magbabayad ako noh!” the gay answered

“Wala akong pakialam! Bababa ka o kakaladkarin kita!” it seems like an option

“T**g-**a mo! Jeep mo bulok!”

Then the gay ride off and the jeepney run fast

Then suddenly, certain things run off my mind after that shocking incidence: Do they know each other? Why is he that mad of gay people? And sigh... Thankfully I dressed courteously.

Obviously the driver is a homophobic or a type of people who were mad or avoids people who are out of heterosexual leagues.Homophobia is a term for a range of negative attitudes and feelings towards homosexuality and people identified or perceived as being homosexual(Wikepedia).

But what caught me in the issue was why there are people who are just like them.

In the first place, let us put ourselves to those shoes of people we often discriminate. They doesn’t want to be that way but conversely they don’t want to fool themselves either

Let us offer respect because those who don’t have it must not have it. Respect is the best thing we can offer.

And for those transverts give a little respect for yourself too, don’t give any sign to caught people disrespect you.

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