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Friday, January 29, 2010


What a relief that I finally get through this two threats on my graduation and another relief that it all went well.

I remembered so well how I prepared for my first return demonstration when I was in 2nd year, it is full of tense and nervousness. I also remember how I spend sleepless nights for my first oral revalida when I was about to leave 2nd year… I failed and it almost takes me back in 2nd year again… that’s why I am so much pressured for this threat… very much pressured.

Although I passed all the other ret-dem and passed 3rd years Oral-Rev I am still intensified that I failed before, 3rd years retdem and oralrev might be just luck so I studied very hard though pressure really lingers.

January 27, is our judgement day… and I’m glad it all went well… I finished it just today January 29 and I’m very thankful it all went successfully.

Its really a relief that a barrier to my success is now done with flying colors, For now, my concern is the seminar and it’ll be the last project of mine for these sentiments. So I’ll give my best shot.!! Always!!

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