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Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorrows of a Nursing Student

A nurse is someone who renders care to their patient. They’re always been a patients advocate and patients best friend to their health care and so as nurse always knows what they need the most and mostly they needed care.

As a nurse we often know symptoms of certain diseases and illness hence we always know whether somebody was sick and if it is interpreted we know how fatal it was. But this wisdom isn’t always good because this wisdom might be our source of weakness.

I am the nurse of my lola (grandmother), not actually her personal nurse because I also had my personal life to fulfill of but she always know that I’m the one responsible for her health. 6 months ago we separate house from them to start a new life but then, I never fail to visit her from them on and immensely, despite of her dementia she never forget who I am though my other cousins was already forgotten and I appreciate it.

I was astounded when I visited her last week, her skin was whiter and pale, he breathes kind’a hard and her over all appearance was totally devastating and everything seems to get worse. I really cant express how I felt that time, I always thought of her leaving us someday because she was old but because I render care to her I would like to cry because I know she is dying.

Most of my relatives don’t know that it’ll be that way and that’s the pathetic side of me. I often knew things they never did and mostly those things are the toughest one; knowing your love one will soon leave because you knew it, from your studies, from your experience and from your enthusiasm.

But time isn’t over, I knew it’ll soon go to an end and so I must make her enjoy her last days. I am a nurse, we are a nurse we often know what is good to others and we mostly know how to deal with it.


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