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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Mothers' Love

I regularly went to church as I never been routinely off there but as I passed the board exam, I’ve been a believer and it is now my devotion.

After I left every mass I feel very overwhelm and stronger as I know that words of God really helps me realize how to deal with life and how he was there whenever we are happy or not. I rode a jeepney who’s actually waiting for other passengers when suddenly a woman and her daughter caught my attention.

This woman carries her daughter to ride the said jeepney and I can say that she is having a difficulty carrying her child as it is already grown up, I only help them by lifting her daughters wheelchair up to the jeepney as well and I silently observed the situation.

The child is having an obvious disability and late aging illness like problem and as I assessed it is very similar to cerebral palsy. Her moves are uncoordinated, her hands were flexed, her eyes were rotating constantly and she salivates once in a while.

And I was touched. I was touched with the mothers effort to bring her child to church no matter how hard it is; lifting her and her wheelchair to the jeepney, and giving her needs and with those efforts I never heard any repentant words from the mother as others may say “ang hirap” (it’s hard) or “anu ba ang ginawa ko bakit ka nagkaganyan anak?” (what have I done for you to deserve this?) but smile.

I never grow up with my mother’s responsibility and I really never know how a mother’s love could be. But with just looking at the lovely mother and child liaison on that jeepney, it seems like I felt my mothers love to me all of a sudden.

It is really hard to be a mother. It seems like when your child is having trials, the effect on you is doubled and it is worse than being in your child’s situation. What I really want to say is that “Love your mother” because we can never tell how much time they’re still having in this world or maybe how much time you still have in this world. A mother is always ready to care and nurse you when all else fails.

Because anybody can leave you but not them.

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