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Monday, November 22, 2010

An Opputunity to Leave and Work Abroad

A good friend of mine leaved the country to work abroad, actually it is in Singapore to earn better than what our nation can offer and it so happened that I wanted to go to Singapore since then as I am so amused of its nice feedbacks regarding the beauty of the country. So I always keep on telling her to find me a job there, much better if it is related to my course which is nursing so I could travel and earn bigger at the same time.

Until one time I received a message via email inviting me for an interview to work in there (Singapore) as a Sales Supervisor in a famous brand shop of bags and I never had a second thought but try so I hurriedly prepare all the requirements e.g. Resume, whole body picture, close up and of course myself and went to the said agency the following day. It is actually raining but it never stopped me as I really believe that it is the job I really wanted.

The front desk officer entertained me and gave me a piece of bond paper where in it stated there the terms of salary and so as the placement fees but when I saw the minimum duration of contract which is 2 years I suddenly stopped and it made me think of things I never use to think before I get there… my family, my friends and my hometown.

I will definitely miss my hilarity and funny moments with my friends, I will definitely miss my shopping flash at trinoma or in any various S.M Malls, I will definitely miss my sister, I will miss my dog, I will miss my room, I will miss bar-hopping-bonding moments with my friends every weekends, I will miss monthly film watching with my them too, I will miss my sisters scrumptious Filipino dishes, I will definitely miss the fresh ambience of our plants, trees and flowers surrounded village and many more… I will definitely miss everything I am used too. So I backed out.

I was mute when I’m going home, I’m depressed. Not because I didn’t grab the job, I got depress because I was afraid of losing everything I had. I’m not that strong, so I don’t wanna leave my strengths aside and I wanna stay. I’ll just work here no matter how hard it is, what important is that I’m happy and I wanna be forever happy.

I suddenly valued everything around me because I want to treasure them for the rest of my life. They’re the one who gave me strengths and they’re the one who gave me hope and let me be where I wanted to be.

I salute every OFW (Overseas Filipino workers). I’m so proud of their inventiveness to work in other country just for the sake of better living. I know how hard it feels before leaving, what more when you are there for 2 years or more?

I contacted my friend (the one who’s working in Sg) that I didn’t sign the contract a while ago. She understands me, she said she’ve been into that confusion before but she doesn’t have a choice. But I said I still want to go to Singapore only for travel and good news, she’ll pay for my ticket to get there once I have my passport. Yey!!!

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