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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feeling Betrayed…

“Hey it’s been so long” I greeted my friend as we decided to meet and share a cup of coffee last week somewhere in malolos. Pia (no her real name) is one of my closest friends in college and yet she suddenly get off the system long ago as I can still remember it’s been 4 months since I saw her and get together with her. “So what do you do now?” I asked her

“I’m currently working na” she answered me with a smile and she let me know her job after

“Great!” I just respond “you seem to be very busy ha?” I asked “We used to hang out with our friends and you aren’t replying with our invitations” as I discerned

“I just don’t want to be with them lately” she just said

“Why? Is there something wrong?” I muse over

“To tell you honestly drew, you’re the only one I exchanged message with through text or in fb, I just don’t wanna be somewhat clued-up with them”

“But why? Did you have an argument with them before?”

“Not actually an argument”

“Then what?”

“It’s just; I feel that I’m being used. That I was betrayed” I was speechless “Remember when I was asking for your help when I was so down last October?”

I just nod, that was the time when she is getting broke. Her mother lost her job in abroad and she really doesn’t know where to find funds to make a living until I lend her some. And she’s now paying me back; it is one of the reasons why we met.

“I was asking for their help way back then… I asked them if they could pay the money they borrowed from me before, but they never replied through my text and fb messages, they’ve been ignoring my call either… then after a week I saw their status on fb as it seems like they’re so happy, even with a nice vacation pictures too” she split out “You’re the only one who helped me through it drew, you also helped me seek for a job and I really owe you one”

Well, I’m flattered.

“and then, last month they’re inviting me for the celebration of Jim’s (not the real name of our friend she’s pertaining) promotion as if nothing’s happened, as if they never left me hanging in times when I really need them the most” she prolongs “I don’t have to be with people who can’t be called real friends”

“But, what if they don’t have any money yet to pay you during those times? And they’re ashamed of it so they never reached you out?” I tried to defend our friends

“With a situation like that, they must at least tell me, instead of posing happy pictures in fb while they left me out suffering. Their moral support will be a big help, knowing that I still have friends who were always there supporting”

I understand her. I can’t blame her if she felt it that way, she really had a point and she’s absolutely right.

I’ve seen her efforts to help my friends before when they’re the one who needs it. She has been such a good friend. She is always there whenever someone needs her the most, because she believed that it is her obligation as a good friend, she thought that friends were made not just by means of being with them but helping them as well especially at any time they needs it the most; and it is the thing that makes her very disappointed, she never get her efforts in return; that instead of helping her through her big crisis, she was left out as if she’s nonentity.

A friend really has an obligation. Before we enter the affiliation let us always be reminded that friends are not just there to share the laughter’s and funs. Friends can be traced by being there through troubles and sorrows. And before we call them our friend let us ask ourselves first “are we ready to fulfill those obligations and responsibilities?”
With Pia’s situation, it is not necessarily helping her means giving her money; we can still help her by other means and moral support will be the least thing a friend could ever give. A thing she felt she never received from any of her friends.

“Well I hope that this won’t be the end of your friendship with them?” I said, she just heaved his shoulders telling me that ‘she even don’t know’ I can’t blame her

To those friends of Pia: Please reflect and it’s still not the end to prove to her that you are still a friend you can count on. Always value the friendship you’ve/ we’ve treasure.

And to Pia, open your heart to give them one more chance.

And to all of us? Never let your friend finds any reason to question your credibility. Yes, we are not perfect but at least we must try to be one.

At the end of the story, I mean the meet up; I suddenly realized that I shouldn’t invited Pia for coffee but in a bar instead :)

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