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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Know it all

Two of my co-employees were arguing about what’s the real meaning of “wifi”, it’s too shallow and of course I know that it means wireless fidelity but I don’t want to correct them that time, I just wanted to hear their reckoning and I don’t wanted to make an impression that I’m ‘pa-know it all’ either so I just observed them.

I was about to tell them the correct answer when one of my co-workers entered the scene and say

“Wireless Fixation Internet yun” she said so smugly, with an expression “duh?!” in the end

“I told you!” one of them said

I stood out and I just went to my office table and snort. O-oh! I’m getting so mean again

That was not the first time she tends to get the attention of everyone to denote that she knew the answer. I will never call this topic “The know it all” if I don’t have the right verdict that she’s being one.

She is my senior and I remembered the time when I asked her how to do an analysis in one of the substance we used to test then she told me the directions and left me until I noticed that there’s something wrong so I called the attention of our head.

“It’s not dissolving” I told her “I’ve been mixing it for almost half an hour but there still no progress in it, there must be something wrong”

The head tried to configure

“It seems like you put too much components on it” she noticed

“I only put 5.72 grams, based on __The name of the girl___ computation”

“That’s too huge! It’s supposed to be 572 mg only”

And with that, I have to repeat the entire procedure and this time the correct way!

There are also other times that this girl caught my attention on judging her a ‘know-it-all”
She used to correct me whenever I’m performing my duties although my head tells me that I was doing the right thing. And habitually, she keeps on telling everybody certain information wherein most of them are not correct. And I think it is her way to get everybody’s attention telling them that she’s so good, she almost knew everything, and that she’s intelligent enough to know everything that most of the people didn’t know.

But instead of convicting, I tried to put my empathy on her.

I know that there are some reasons behind those acts.

Anxiety, Yes it is somewhat related to anxiety. I know that whenever she didn’t show everybody her acts then her anxiety will augment.

This girl shall receive a therapy right? I just hope I have the confidence to tell this to her but as of now, what I can offer is understanding and genuineness telling behind her false information’s.

Sigh. I just shared.

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