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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Notorious Reproductive Health Bill

I am browsing blogsites a while ago just to kill time and get over my boredom but what kill my time the most is the entry of a spot that make me stop from what I am doing and read the every details of that blog entitled: F*ck the Reproductive health bill!

The blog entry is an opinion based; it clearly states that the writer is against it as she almost criticizes the conscience of the promulgator and so as the implementer of the bill. It is purely one sided (and this is my opinion) it never reviews the opponents idea; it is more of the mad judgment as her wants never putted but districted.

The reproductive health bill has been very amusing nowadays, I always heard on news how several groups wants to end it but cannot do anything but protest because the leader of the country supports it and believed that it can really help the country’s big problem on massive growth of population and so as the poverty.

In fact, last Sunday when I was in the church listening to the preach of the priest, he tackled this particularity telling his nation not to support it as it is purely abortion-intended and he even call it an evil doing and those who will follow will never be forgiven on the judgment day.

Then I stopped and told myself “Was killing an intention of the said bill?” and started to analyze things after. I’m not against the Reproductive health bill; as a graduate of health courses, I do support it and I don’t believe that it intends killing. It actually stops killing; killing due to hunger.

Let us admit it. Most of ordinary people are those who’s having numerous children wherein in the end they can’t even feed them and nourish them courteously, most of ordinary people didn’t received appropriate education of how to handle and viewing importance of family planning thus they’ll end it that way and I think growing unnourished children is worst than never letting them born at all.

The bill doesn’t intend to kill the child who’s already on the mother’s womb. The bill actually wants to prevent unnecessary pregnancy but not unnecessary childbirth.

Responsible parenthood is the aim of the said bill and not by merely supporting abortion who’s an opposite of God’s will. God said that we should multiply but he never even said that we shouldn’t be responsible to it. Reproductive health bill just want to help every man not to get a bigger problem if he can prevent it at first. There’s always a brighter side in everything. All we have to do is take it side by side.

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