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Friday, March 4, 2011

Me and My Unstopabble Mouth.

“Well, you had a point but you can’t blame her” I told my close friend Joana when we had a private chat in facebook last night; She is having a bit trouble with one of our friends due to a stuff that this girl failed to return for almost two months now “Well, at least give her more time to return it to you, and if she didn’t returned it for couple of months again then it’ll be the right time to confront her” I added.

“But it’s been two months! It’s too long and it’s enough” she sounds very mad

“My Gaadd Joana. It’s just a __(name of the stuff)__”

“It is expensive!” she defended

“I think she could reimburse if it was mislaid” I told her

“It means a lot to me…” she continued

“Then why did you let her borrow it?”

“Because I trusted her”

“Then trust her again that she’ll return it to you whenever she had the time, perhaps”

“Ah basta! I’m so disappointed of her! I don’t think our friendship will prolong”

“Duh?!” I countered “You’ll waste your friendship with her just because of an unreturned damn __(name of the stuff)__?” I said, mockingly sarcastic “How cheap you are and how shallow reasoning?” I said after.

***Joana is offline***

O-oh! I think I offended her

“She had a miscarriage!” my friend told me, we chatted in facebook too

“Oh, I feel sorry for her” I said “Well maybe it is really not the right time for her to have a baby” I reasoned after

“It’s a gift from God!!” my friend defend

“I know, but look at it; they (The couple) even don’t have anything for living? How can they provide their child’s needs?”

-not responding-

“And besides they’re family were anticipating that they’ll save them from what they’re having right now so how could you say that they should be glad if it happened while every dreams will endure? I think it is meant to be. They’re really not yet ready. It was just a mistake” I narrated

***Khaye is offline***

I think I offended her too. Then I recall that she had her baby when she was 16, she was not ready then, and her family expects something from her too.

“I am so pissed today!” my friend Crissy, on facebook again


“I had encounter this new officemate of mine who hit me with her sarcasm!” she shared

“Just let it slip. She won’t excel if she does have that stances” I said

“Absolutely! but I am so pissed of her, really!” she continue “and she’s acting as if she’s pretty!” she added

“As if you are! Lol” I joke

***Crissy is offline***

OMG! Well I forgot that we all know and she even admits it that she’s not pretty.

I am so mean… I admit it. I know being too straightforward is erroneous but I just can’t control it sometimes although I’m trying. But then, I never consider truth telling as avoiding outlook, but I believe that it shall be done in a nice way. Because if you won’t tell the truth to somebody then who else will do? Do you consider yourself a good friend if you can’t even say what’s worst in your friend?

After two days the four of us met and I asked them

“were you offended?”

“Why should we?” Crissy said

“We used to hear it from you, duh?!” Khaye added

“But if other people told those things to us then we might be in a fight right now” Joanna stated

I just smiled. And I realized; these are how true friends we are: we knew and understand each other so much. I’m lucky that they’re my friends. As if not, then I might be in trouble now.

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