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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Caused your Broken-heartedness

“So what’s with you? Why’d you bring us here?” Joanna asked Alex as she brought us to a bar in Malolos and bought us some drinks too.

“It’s just I feel a lil’ bit lonely just now” Alex answered

“Is being single makes you lonely?” Claire asked him

“Well, I’m happy being single so I don’t think that I’m needing this” I’m pertaining to the beer. I am so not in the mood to drink and besides, I have a work the day after.

“Guys, I need you this time so please bear with me” Alex pleaded

I didn’t say anything and I enjoyed the night through the presence of stand up comediennes that makes me laugh so hard, but not when I assessed that Alex is drunk.

We decided to leave the area couple of minutes after the comediennes’ sets are done. Luckily, my friend does have a car so we go to the nearest coffee shop to buy some coffee and drink it inside the car at the parking area.

“So what’s the real reason why you invited us for some drinks?” Joanna asked Alex

“I already answered that” Alex said “I feel so lonely”

“What makes you feel so lonely?” Claire

“I feel so incomplete”

He’s getting a bit dramatic, maybe because of the alcohol intoxication

“I think I must have someone to share my life with” He said

“It’ll come” I said “You’re not the only single here, we are all single here”

“I’m tired of waiting” he said vividly “Tell me, am I ugly?”

“Of course not, you look good. You have a good white complexion, nice eyes and brows, nice lips” I tell him the truth “Except with you pores, it’s getting bigger. You’re really getting old” I was mocking this time

“Then why does she said no to me?” he asked

“She?” the three of us asked

We all know that Alex is bisexual. He even introduces his boyfriend to us before, and now she is referring to a ‘she’ - I got curious

“I thought, you are dealing with guys?” I asked

“I wanted to get married someday, I wanted to be settled and have kids” he owned up

“So who is this girl? I think you never told us the story about her” Joanna asked

“She’s my classmate in college and I courted her last month, until I found out that she doesn’t like me as she confessed”

“Well I can’t blame her” my unstoppable mouth is starting again

“Because I’m ugly?” he asked “Do I have to change how I look then?”

“There’s nothing wrong with your appearance Alex”

“then what?”

“I think she’s turned off of your sexuality”

A moment of silence between us. The two girls are just looking and listening.

“That’s the bitter truth of crossing the line, You just can’t say to her ‘I’m not gay! I’m just a bisexual who’s attracted to both gender’ because they’ll consider you as a member of third gender and who’ll be impressed of bisexuals who’s now scattered more than homosexuals?” I told him “You look good but they’ll prefer straights than those who are not, d’you know what I’m saying?” he’s silent “So it’s non sense being dramatically lonely when in the first place you created the cause of your problem. I’m sorry but that’s the bitter truth; if someone can understand and love you for who you are then be thankful but as of now, just don’t expect and try to be happy for your own good.”

We decided to depart

And while on travel, Alex is so silent.

I feel guilty, did I say something that hurts him a lot?

Anna and Joanna agreed on what I did, If I didn’t done that, who else will do?

Joanna dropped us home after.

And after a week, Alex is with another guy again.

“Bitchy Alex” I told him and I sighed.

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