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Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Feeling Gwapo

He is thin, he has numerous pimples on his cheeks and his teeth have unnecessary excesses though he had good eyes but he doesn’t look good and he doesn’t look well turned-out either. It’s not that I’m being ridiculous or mean again but I just want you to visualize the unseen picture because I think this guy never knew that he doesn’t look good.

“He is cute kaya?!” one of my friend said then he act as if he is humbly flattered. I just smile. I know my friend is kidding

He seems to be very friendly; he is a jolly person and he’s nice. So I never had any bad impression on him, but not when I found out his hidden agenda

“Hi can I have a seat then?” he asked unknown girls from the canteen, these girls are just new to the area. The girls allowed him though I was asking myself

“Why’d he bother to have a seat with the girls when there are lots of empty seats in the vicinity” I just observed the scenario after

“You must be new” he noticed

“Yes” the girls answered

And a few chit chat of introducing the new environment to them and afterwards

“You can give me your numbers if you like, so we can talk some other time” he said

I raised an eyebrow accidentally upon hearing that

The girls are just smiling at him, maybe they doesn’t want to give him their numbers

“Maybe some other time JB” one of the girls said

“Beside, we have few friends here who can give us a talk about here” the other girl said

And after few moments the girls left, with silly laugh on their faces.

One of JB’s friends approached him laughing

“What happened to you man? Those girls denied you?” he mockingly said

“Well, It’s their lost not mine” he said with a “gwapo” attitude

I almost throw up. Lol

- Another scenario-

“I wonder why JB is not going with us for lunch” Rhia told me

“I think it’s my fault” Marj

“Why?” I asked “Did you say anything offensive to him?”

“No, it’s just last week he asked if he could be my boyfriend but I refused and since that day he doesn’t talk to me anymore” She answered “He even said to me that he’s way better than my boyfriend, and that’s what makes me mad at him”

I almost fell to my seat upon hearing it. Marj is very beautiful, I even saw his boyfriend who looks good either and that makes them a perfect couple and now JB told her that he’s better than him? Did he mean in all aspects? I just hope not co’z I’ll be messed out with his overconfidence.

- Another Scenario –

We had a new workmate who is totally damn pretty. She’s a fresh graduate and she really looks like a super model though she’s not that tall, and I can attest that she’s a real goddess!

I was calling JB in his office due to some clarifications needed with his reports to me; his assistant was the one who answered the phone call who told me that JB isn’t there and didn’t tell where he’s going.

I decided to search for him within the area until I saw him at the office of the new employee.

I got interrupted on interrupting their talk when I heard what the conversation all about is

“I just want to invite you for a date on Friday night” JB said

“But JB, I’m not available on Friday” the new employee said

I think she’s just making an alibi

“then on Saturday night then?” he proposed next, he stated all the days of the week just to make her say yes.

And at that moment I entered the scene.

I invited JB outside the office because my thing is a bit confidential

He is shaking his head while smiling after he closed the door

I asked him why

“I was asking her for a date and she said no at first but eventually said yes” he answered

“So why are you smiling sarcastically at?” I ask next

“Well I always knew that she wants to go with me; she doesn’t knew that I know she’s acting as if she’s not interested” she said with that confidence again

Then it’s my turn to smile sarcastically before I relay my thing.

Jacob is a gay and I tried to discuss my observation of JB’s overconfidence with him

“Well, I also noticed that before” he just said “Do you know that all he courted every pretty employee of this company but he failed?” his trivia

“So, where did he get that confidence wherein he failed for such several times then?” I asked

“I don’t know, maybe because he once had a pretty girlfriend” he answered

“What happened to them?”

“I don’t know, maybe the girl woke up from her nightmare or maybe she accidentally hit her head on the wall and found out that she’s insane” he mockingly said

I just laugh so hard

“And here’s the worst thing of all” he said, I was mute and get curious “Do you know that he’s spreading the news before that I had a crush on him? His illness is totally severe!”

I am so speechless upon hearing that.

I, myself know that I’m not that good looking. I might brag sometimes about my appearance but it’ll be in a humorous way so that nobody will say that I’m serious saying it. I thought JB was doing the same thing at first, but courting all pretty girl employees? Nah that means some sh**

I really don’t know why there are people like JB. I’m trying to understand his situation at first, I just thought that maybe it is a personality disorder that might results anxiety if it’ll never be granted or done. But I wanted to help him overcome it because not all people understands him, other people who thought who’s with him might be discerning him on his back without him knowing and it’s not healthy. I don’t have any guts to tell him in front “hey! D’you thinks you look good? You kidding right?” or maybe in any other nice way, though I’m having an unstopabble mouth, I still have shame and limitations too right.

JB celebrated his birthday and I seize this chance to give him a hint on his thing. So I gave him a gift; A mirror with my note inside

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