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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2nd Year Anniversary: The Interview

I’m so happy and feel blessed as my (our) blog site reached this far, as I said I really never imagined this before and very nice feedbacks are very overwhelming supplement to rejuvenate me more than ever.

But I admit, that I’ve spent too little information about the creation of this site as evidence by certain questions that was given to me, through email, through chat or through private messages in facebook, thus I wanted to take this brief interview-like article to clarify things and of course to reveal certain information about the blog parse.
These are the question rendered with their corresponding answers

What influence you to create a blogsite?

I am just a blog fan before, I was fond of reading blog when I realized why not create my own blog? And since I am so attached with my section (BSN 3i), I created a site related to them wherein I could put all our happy moments their and other topics as well

·         What’s with the name (of the blog)?
As I said it is actually intended for 3i (our section before) and since we are all future nurses (wherein almost all of us now are nurses) I indicated the word ‘nurses’. And since I wanted to have a word that will classify us all I used the word ‘nasty’.

·         Why did you use the word ‘nasty’ instead of other words there?

I know that the word ‘nasty’ means something negative to others but as what I’ve said before not all nasty aren’t nice.

I used the word nasty because I believed that we are all nasty in our own little way. I don’t wanna be plastic anyway using nice words just to describe us wherein in fact everybody could attest that we are so wayward.

The title never intends to describe all nurses as a nasty people that is why I used 3i + nasty + nurses. It only means that 3i are nasty nurses; 3i are nasty but they’re also nice.

·         It seems like you own the blog not the 3i, why was that
Our section were dissolved before and I tried my best to get in touch with them, most of the first entries are suggested by them, and lately since we’ve lost so much communication I told them, that I will still run the blog, but never change its name as it mean a lot to me
On the other hand, I know that they’re also happy with the continuity of the blog’s life. Most of them were still fond of reading and following and they also commend if they like the blog entry and they’re still giving me and idea or topic or what to write.

·         Why is there a language change?

            Because I found out that 40% of my viewers are from other countries and they used to give me a private message on a particular blog talks about as they say it sounds interesting, so I decided to use the international language (though I now that I’m not fluent using it; but I’m trying) so everybody could understand, and go with the flow.

·         Is there any controversial blog you ever made?

Yes! Plenty, but if the blog is too personal I ought to change the name of the person and even his/her identity. I remembered that there’s one time that somebody’s claiming that she’s the one I’m pertaining and next thing are worst. But forget it, it’s been settled long ago.

·         Are you happy with the number of your supporters?

Hell Yes! I never really imagined that my views will reach up to more than 10 thousand. Because as far as I know when the site is six months old, I only have  600 views, but it doesn’t matter to me before, all I want is to share my experiences and insights as well, until it suddenly grows up and it really flatters me a lot.

·         What do you think is your best written blog so far?

Based on popularity the blog ‘on support on anti-child abuse’ was soaring on views, it is based on stuff on fb wherein you’ll put your favorite childhood cartoon character as your profile picture to show your support.

But based on votes (as I took a poll before) all literary are the viewers favorite and regarding of comments (private comments; thru email) most of the viewers are interested with “Sweet Revenge”

But then, I considered every blog as my best, because I really gave my best upon writing it.

·         Is there any moment somebody you didn’t know personally recognized you because of your works?

Yes, there are a lot of comments or feedbacks from people I didn’t known before.
And there are also times wherein I am in public place and someone will hit up on me saying things about the blog, it really flatters me and it makes me feel proud.

There’s also this girl who personally asked me if I could be her mentor on her literacy; I really don’t know what to say.

·         What is your wish for the blog?

Of course more success! More followers! More bright ideas to me so that I’ll hit the interest of the followers and more anniversaries to come.

·         What is your future plan for the improvement of the blog?

I’m planning to continue what I’ve started and just show improvement with every blog I’m doing. I’m planning to be more real and open minded, and hopefully viewers will have great feedbacks.

I hope I answered all your questions.

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