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Monday, September 19, 2011

Charice Pempengco is Quiet Offensive

It has been a Filipino pride when Charice Pempengco was known in international scene by a youtube hits that captures the attention of certain powerful people in the world e.g. Ellen Degeneres and Oprah Winfrey who helped her a lot to be on top of her goals.

Charice is considered the International Singing Sensation of the Philippines, the Filipinos are so proud of her achievements which she never attain on her own country though her fans tried to keep her on track, that is why when she enter the better and bigger scene, her fan and fellowmen did not stop her but supports her all the way.
But I think, Charice is now turning her back from her own motherland, I’m not saying that she is a traitor for her own nation but I think she just possess disrespect on being a real Filipino. 

Charice just sang the US national anthem recently and this not happened once. I am not against the United States, please don’t get me wrong with that, what I’m against with is what Charice just done. Is she a US citizen now for her to sing the US national anthem? If yes, then she’s lucky, she became a US citizen that quick! Lucky Charice but despite of it, I think she shall always remember her motherland. If she’s not yet a US citizen then I wonder what worst thing she could do then, perhaps she’ll live there and will never get back to the Philippines again… let her remember that she started here, though she was not that famous here, she still have her loving fans who believed in her and always remember that she started from that minimal numbers of Filipino fans. Well, yes she sung the Philippine national anthem several times but as far as she is a true blooded Filipino let it be the only anthem she’ll sing, then if she became a US citizen then she is free to sing their anthem but do not forget her homeland.

(This is one of the instances that she sang the US national anthem)

I remembered Ms. Lea Salonga and the songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez. Yes! Ms. Lea is a worldwide famous, she was known as a Broadway actress who won such awards but never forgets to tell everybody that she is doing that for the sake of every Filipino and she was hoping that people will soon recognize other Filipino talents because Filipino were really great on it.

And maybe most of us wonder why a high belter singer like our own songbird Ms. Regine Velasquez doesn’t had her fame in international scheme well it’s just because…. Well she was actually offered for a hollywood career long time ago but her manager doesn’t want her to utter or even inform everybody that she is a Filipina because that manager believed that Filipina was impressed as a nany, a maid or a domestic helper and the manager believes that this will tear her down, so she refused the deal, she doesn’t want to be famous if she’ll just throw away her being a Filipina… she is a proud Filipina and she sacrificed that dream just because she doesn’t want filipino’s to be treated that way, she really loves her motherland.

Look how humble she is, and with that humility, she is still the most beloved singer above all the singers in the Philippines and is now with undying fame and though that fame is within our country only… she’s satisfied with that, as she loved to perform with her own fellowmen and that could fulfill her greatest happiness.

Be sensitive Charice! We love you, we are still hoping for your success so don’t disappoint us.

This is just an opinion.

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