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Friday, September 9, 2011

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… (if we were in the Philippines…. )

This entry is somewhat related to my trip in Singapore, I just researched that Singapore isn’t a first world country. According to wikepedia (, Japan, Israel, South Korea and Taiwan (ROC) are the only asian countries listed in the first world nations but yet I am so amazed on how rich the country of Singapore… they were very modern, updated and is dubbed to have a tiger economy and yet they’re not considered as one of the reigning country… I think they’re a bit closer, but how about the Philippines? My motherland? It is too far from Singapore’s success and definitely farther than those first world countries.

When I was in Singapore, whenever I see certain idealism I always ought to say ‘kung nasa pilipinas tayo… (if we were in the Philippines…. )….

When I landed in Singapore a very good ambience of their airport accommodates me… I saw plenty of orchids, plenty of very comfortable seats, free foot massagers etc then I said

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… iilan lang ang orchids, yung upuan pag-aagawan pa at kung me foot massager man, me bayad (if we were in the Philippines…. There will be minimal orchids, you have to fight for your seats and if there will be foot massager, for sure it is to pay)

saw free maps in the airport

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… wala yan free free nay an! me bayad lahat! (if we were in the Philippines…. Freebies is nowhere! everything is to be paid )

we landed earlier than the expected time but our tour guide says that he’s been waiting for almost an hour when we met him then I said

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… kame pa ang maghinhintay sa tour guide (if we were in the Philippines…. We will be the one who’s waiting for our tour guide,) we have what we call ‘filipino time’ and we all know the definition of it

there are minimal overpass that was commonly used in the Philippines when crossing the streets, instead they’re using stoplight which has not been effective here, but as I assess people they were very disciplined enough to wait for the go signal for crossing the street then I said

kung nasa pilipinas tayo…kahet diba go at nagbibilisan ang sasakyan e sasabayan yan ng pagtawid ng mga tao (if we were in the Philippines…. Though ‘Go’ signal hasn’t been indicated people will still cross the street even there’s a lot of fast cars passing through )….

I haven’t seen any police across the streets, there are no security guards in public places but still people were still much disciplined

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… sasamantalahin yan ng mga tao saka gagawa ng illegal (if we were in the Philippines…. People will seize it to do something illegal )….

I observed that whenever people are walking in public places, or using the escalator or walking in the mall… people ought to walk on the left, and those busy people who’s chasing times uses the right side

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… kahit sandamukal ang sign na keep right e aariin nila ang daan, wapakels kung nagmamadali ang nasa likod! Minsan nga kung maglakad akala mo nasa buwan sa bagal e (if we were in the Philippines…. Though there’s a lot of signs telling us to keep right they will still use both sides as if they own it, they don’t care about the busy people at their back, whose chasing after time. There are also Filipinos who walks in the street slowly as if they’re walking in the moon) 

Comfort Room are all modern, Public CR are also comfortable to use, Toilets and sink are infrared operated and not flushing is considered a crime

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… napakapapangit ng CR! Mag iigib ka pa pang flush! Pero syempre pag Filipino e tamad mag flush! (if we were in the Philippines…. CR’s are mostly horrible, you have to fetch water to flush as toilet flush are always not functioning, but then if you are a Filipino, you will just leave it behind)….

I also observed that whenever you will ride the MRT you have to let the passengers from the MRT to get off first, then there are priority seats for disable, pregnant and older people… and I never experienced a very crowded train

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… pasok lang ng pasok! Yung mga bababa e makikiusap pa para makababa sila, me priority seats pero hindi naman priority people ang umuupo at araw araw bawat oras siksikan! Lalo na pag rush hour! Ka badtrip lang! (if we were in the Philippines…. People would just ride! Passengers who’s about to get off the train have to plead for them to get off. Yes! There are priority seats but priority people aren’t the one using it. and everyday and everytime was crowded. Especially during rush hours! You will regret riding the lane!)….

Busses have stations and specific destinations

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… lahat stasyon ng bus! Lahat ruta nila (if we were in the Philippines…. Everywhere is bus station, and everywhere is their route)….

the EZ card is very convenient, you just have to tap it and then you may ride the MRT or the BUS

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… Coins coins lang, pag buo nga ang ibabayad mo e galit pa ang driver! Sa MRT e me parang EZ card nga! Na eexpired naman! Tas hindi pa sing hi tech nung nasa SG (if we were in the Philippines…. You have to pay using coins instead of a card, actually when you gave them a huge bill, they will reprimand for a smaller one.. in MRT there’s a card very similar to EZ card but then, it has an expiration and the tapping machine is low technology compared to what SG had)….

The river and the bay are very refreshing, it doesn’t contaminated with junks

kung nasa pilipinas tayo… mananawa ka sa basura sa mga ilog at dagat, at maiinis ka pa sa mabahong amoy!(if we were in the Philippines…. You can’t count the number of junks in the river and the bay and then the smell sucks! )….

There are actually a lot of things that discriminate my country when I was in Singapore… I can’t help but compare the two countries and the result will always be in favor of Singapore.

Singapore is a very nice country, I actually wanted to stay there not because I’m turning back from my motherland but it’s just I wanted Philippines to be like those country like Singapore, who has a self discipline that would later on contribute with the progressing beauty and economy of the country.

Yes! I wanted to stay in Singapore but still my hearts will always push me to go back here because this is the country I love despite of all the imperfections it has, but it doesn’t stops me to keep on dreaming that it’ll soon end and it’ll soon change for better.

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