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Friday, September 23, 2011

Crime of Passion

I was shocked last Tuesday, September 20 upon hearing the news of a shooting incidence in a mall at San Fernando, Pampanga, the incidence was not a typical shooting incident whereas there are exchanges of gunshots or even due of illegal matters because the incidence was merely a suicide and actually it is considered as a crime of passion.

According to the investigation, the two men found dead were actually lovers (yes! They’re presumed gay couple) and they’re just 13 and 17 year old, the thirteen year old was believed to shoot the other men and later on shoot himself as well, a note inside his bag and the statement on his shirt (which he made personally as what he said in his facebook account) were the evidence that drives them to this conclusion.

When I first watch the news I was not actually minding it, I just said “ano bay an! Ang sarap sarap mabuhay pero sinayang nila! Keba-bata pa!” (what was that! It’s so wonderful to live but they just wasted it! They were too young either!) without considering the other part of the story…

When the story trends in facebook, I already came up and take the story side by side… and it makes me eat my word and I almost cry when I found out what these guys can do for love.
The story seems to tell me that the story involves a third party which makes the thirteen year old guy (let us call him Mr.X) depressed, but despite of that Mr.Y (the 17 year old guy) keeps on hanging on and they even exchange messages in Fb and the rest is history, I don’t wanted to elaborate the story as it’s their privacy.

Because of the attachment of the two, the close friendship that they’ve built, the I-am-always-here-for-you realationship and even the I-don’t-wanted-to-be-with-someone-else-but-you thing they had, I am so amazed with the love they had, and I am now not wondering why Mr.X did it because he doesn’t wanted Mr.Y to be with someone else but him, he was depressed actually, he doesn’t knew what he’s doing, he felt he was left so alone, and the sacrifice he made will soon turn out into nothing… the thing is not right, but now, I cannot blame him after all.

The two passed away the night after, and I am praying that may they rest in peace and may the people stop judging that what they did was wrong, it all happened… what we can do now is to prevent this kind of thing happen again.

And for all the lovers out there, be sensitive to your partners… always consider that they might get hurt too.
As much as possible, never give your all to your partner as for the time of misunderstandings or parting ways, still you have something for yourself.

for everybody, never feel that you are alone… look around you might see that you have more plenty of wonderful things than the one who just broke your heart.

And for the two victim of crime of passion, you are also victims of love but as of now, may you continue your journey and share the love that you’ve longing for each other there in heaven… may you both rest in peace. 

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