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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Please help the victims of the Typhoon Pedring

I was actually not alarmed when I heard the news that another typhoon, I mean super typhoon will hit the Philippine land again; typhoon named Pedring has a power less than the typhoon ondoy two years ago, but it seems to be considered as the worst typhoon happened in the country.

It has been two years since the disaster brought by ondoy happened and now the history seems to repeat itself unknowingly and by this time it is worst especially in my own province: bulacan.

The province of bulacan was under the signal number 2 courtesy of PAGASA the country’s weather forecast agency and because of that every classes are suspended for the safety of the children due to the strong winds that the typhoon could bring, well yes.. last Tuesday, Spetember 27, 2011 the wind was strikingly strong with heavy rainfall (but not as heavy and continous as ondoy) and in just a snap, most of the provinces in Central and Northern Luzon were damaged with floods, fallen trees and so on and so forth in addition to that, due to the heavy rain, different damns withdraw such huge amount of water which worsen the condition especially in Pampanga, Calumpit and Hagonoy Bulacan.

Until now, the said municipalities are still under massive flood and they can’t do anything with it. even evacuation areas were damaged by the typhoon and rescuers can only help them by providing such food and drinks and something they might need because they don’t have any other choice although some of them took the risk of being rescued and go somewhere even leaving their things and furniture won’t mind, what matter is their lives and safety.

Well, in fact… I do know that people are aware of what happened two years ago where ondoy devastated metro manila and central Luzon, but the thing is that: if it meant to be that way, you can’t do anything but trying to survive. They are prepared but with the sturdy upshot of the typhoon, they are all knocked down.

Let us help victim by praying for their safety as that will be the best helpful thing we can offer. Let us also pray for the rescuers for their endurance to keep on rescuing at least all of the victims of the typhoon. Let us not blame one another, let us all cooperate to resolve the matter. They all need us, much more as a new super typhoon will hit the country again, let us pray for the victims to be safe, brave and had a appropriate attention or be rescued.

 The United States Embassy in Manila

 Calumpit, Bulacan. The most affected municipality

 Roxas Boulevard/Manila Bay

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