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Saturday, October 22, 2011


I am not a pet lover before; I actually didn’t mind a thing about animals. I am more concerned of issues pertaining humanity. I also considered those activists who fights for animals welfare such an exaggerated proceedings, I even said “Why are they so concerned about these species while there are a lot issues about human rights to consider?” but I think, I swallowed what I just said.

My sister bought a dog; I was totally against it at first… I don’t want our house be messed with dog’s stool or its pee but she still bought it and I just woke up one morning with a dog cage (with a shih tzu dog inside) in my room. I turned off the air-con, the dog might get cold. And she’s barking at me, I tried to stop her and she just did… she just look at me and suddenly, I don’t know what push me to play with her, and because of that I got late from class that day as I am so fond with her that morning and since then, I finally have the reason why I should get home earlier.

When she gave birth to her children, I stopped my sister from selling them… one of them died, the three remained with us while the other one was sold to my sister’s friend… actually, there are a lot of buyers whom I know personally who wanted to buy my puppies but I said no upon assessing on how they treat their other pets. I saw that they’re just putting them inside a cage outside their house, and I want a pet owner who will treat and love my puppies like I did. I found these traits to a lucky buyer so I said yes, though it’s really hard letting go one of my puppies whom I just treated like my own child.

I love my pets so much, and I never sold anyone of them after that one, as I felt the extreme sadness of letting them go; wondering everyday if they’re treated right or if they received their meals on time… I actually called them as my own children and I’m so proud of it and from them on, I became an animal lover… I also get fascinated with other’s dogs or other pets too maybe because I was exposed with the love I gave to my kids.

That is why I am so shocked with the video I just saw on how other people treated animals just to make a living. It seems like I wanted to protest and sue them in jail and appeal for a punishment as same as what they did with the poor animals just to teach them a lesson
(please watch the videos...)

Chicken is one of my favorite meals, but after watching this, I think… I’ll stop eating chicken or I’ll see to it that chicken was never tortured before they’ve been processed. Well yes, they’re needed to be killed to be a product that will later on consumed by humans but, I think there’s a more acceptable way than this…

I am fonder of pork than of chicken, but after viewing this all I think I will go vegetarian! I really can’t figure it out why people have to torture animals whereas they could just kill them instantly and that will be me more acceptable for me… and to that poor sick pig, I think he shall be set free in the forest perhaps and just die there peacefully, imagine if you are doing it with your own child, could you take it?

Where is the conscience of these people? I mean, why do they have to do it to these fox alive, if they can just kill it and do their thing? Well I can accept it than seeing how these fox cry begging to release and never kill them… and worst is, they’re ripping their skin while they can feel how painful it is. I am so lucky that I never used to like furs, and I will never want to have it if the process of making it came from this. Actually, I cried after watching this one… especially when the fox who’s skin was ripped shown on the later part of the video? It seems like he’s asking for someone to save him.

Now, I think I know how these activists for animal rights feel. I think I finally found the reason why people go vegetarian… it is all because of this animal cruelty.
If we don’t eat it, there’ll be no one who will consume it and animal cruelty will fade.

LET US NOT TOTRTURE ANIMALS… I know that we have our own dealing with them, that we have to consume the benefits we sought from them but we can do it in a nicer way or let us say in a more acceptable manner. They also have a body system and they also feel pain. Let us put ourselves into their shoes when dealing with them, they didn’t do any harmful thing on us anyway, so let us treat them courteously as much as possible.

I am hoping that animal cruelty will soon vanish and that voices of these activists will be heard. From now on, I will support animal rights and I will stop animal cruelty as much as I can.

(I love my kids and nobody can harm them, not even me)

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