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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

PNOY: Late Reaction…

Our dear President Noynoy Aquino visited the victims of typhoon Pedring and Quiel. PNOY started at central Luzon which happened to be the most affected area, floods has been very dramatically bad and foods/reliefs has been lacking and these happens for more than a week because as of now, the affected provinces can’t start over again because there are still huge volume of water in the vicinity and access to appropriate sectors cannot be established as well.

PNOY started his visit from Tarlac, his hometown and then on Pampanga and then on Bulacan, particularly in Calumpit, the most affected municipality. He then discussed what the real issue of the disaster was and resolved it later on… and it all happen last Wednesday, October 5, 2011… wherein, it is actually eight (8) days after the typhoon Pedring damaged the area.

I am so disappointed when PNOY never shown any shadows of him during the typhoon. I even told myself, where’s the leader of this nation in times like this?....

He must give some inspiring deeds to these people who were almost giving up! But PNOY said “Hindi daw sya mahilig mag pa pogi!” (he is not fond of doing good things for the sake of publicity) instead and add “Nung ginagawa ko yun sa marikina, sabe nila masyado akong nagpapa-pogi, ngayong di ko ginawa pinupuna ako…” (when I came to Marikina to help people, they told me that it was just publicity, and now that I didn’t do it, they’re questioning it too!) He braggingly said this wherein it is his fault somehow… he’s the one who never shown any of his, yet he has the guts to tell these.

But my dear president, you are old enough to get affected by those words, you are the president of this country and you shall do everything for the good sake of all. I bet that you know what is wrong from right and being with the people who believes in you in time of disaster is better than thinking of what others might tell. If you think that there’s nothing wrong upon showing during the typhoon, then do it! it is better than being so sensitive on what others might say.

Yes, you can’t throw away the typhoon once you get there, but didn’t it come to your mind that the hopelessness might fade when you get there? By simply showing them that you care? That you are fighting? And you believe that they can do the same too?

Mr. President, they’re one of those people who voted for you and makes your landslide victory against the competitor last 2010 election, they voted for you because they believed that you will raise them from the storms they’ve been… but you aren’t there when the biggest storm came in. you loses their hope from getting from that storm.

I commend what the lady from calumpit has said “Subukan, nyang lumusong sa baha! Ng malaman nya kung ano ang pakiramdam! Ng malaman nya kung pano kame naghihirap!” (he must try to walk in the flood to feel how we feel! And to know how we suffered!” 

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