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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Blogsite’s Status

Well, it’s been 3 years since I started operating the blog and I just wondered (I guess, there are some people who wondered too) how was the site so far…

Hmmm…. For everybody’s information the blog is still doing good… from 12 thousand viewers last year, now it almost triples and that’s a great news. I am very glad that people still supports me with my endeavors and I wanted to recognize that 48 % of these viewers are from the other countries e.g. USA, UK, Russia, Canada, Japan, Australia, Latvia, Netherlands, Singapore and so much more (Blog space wouldn’t be enough if I’ll include you all here J) I think I was right when I changed the language content of the blog into English though I am not perfect at it as the number from our foreign viewers doubled… Thank you so much and keep on supporting.

The blog posts were actually decreasing. During our first year we have 81 posts, 62 during the second year and only 53 on its third year well maybe because I am getting too busy with my routine and topics are harder this time as I almost included them all here… but I’m trying so hard and I am glad that you understand.

The blogs on its first year were too scandalous, maybe because I am amateur then and very inconsistent. The second year has been so good; actually most of my ten popular post came from it. and most of the fave post especially literary were from 2010 while third year is more on personal experiences and opinions which mostly came up with a realization in the end stating everybody some facts and lessons with every post and I think that’s one of the reason why my viewers were increasing and now with my fourth year, I still don’t know what will happen but I am wishing continuous success and support from you guys.

I am still not earning any penny from this blog as certain advertising site never approved my application with the content of the blog but it never stops me. I don’t wanna change the content of the blog just to please them, I’d rather please my viewers than them right?

I think that would be all for now… and I am wishing everybody to be prosperous this year and so as me and the blog.

Love y'all

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