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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Imaginary Ex

I adopted the title from one of my fave book of Summit Media :)

“You really had a long hair, Hannah!” my friend Carol compliments my other friend as she informs us that she is in a new relationship “How about JC? I thought he is chasing you to get things back between the two of you?” Carol’s next question and JC is Hannah’s Ex-boyfriend

“Forget about him, he’s nothing compared to Ken anyway” says Hannah

 She shown Ken’s profile in facebook to us and so as his pictures and I can say that Hannah’s Ex is really nothing if you’ll compare him to his present one. JC is just an average guy, I never heard any complimentary words from my friends regarding his physical appearance while I usually heard “wow, he’s cute” “he’s hot!” 

“You really catch a big fresh fish!” “You really had a long hair” when it comes to Ken. Well, I am not being rude or mean again, I just wanted you to figure out the real picture here.

Suddenly Hannah’s phone rang and she showed us whose calling, it’s Ken and then she answers it. I just don’t know why she has to show us whose calling she could answer it right away then.

“I think my friend wants to talk to you” Hannah said and she passed the phone to my other Gay friend Gabby and he entertained Ken somehow as if flirting with him, maybe because he had an idea that this guy is good looking.

Gabby suddenly passed the phone to me. Well, I don’t wanna be rude again so I entertained the caller though I know that I really don’t wanna do it.

Actually, my questions to him is getting personal, I am just so curious about how Hannah met this guy and how they end up together and after a moment Gabby took the phone from me and he talks again with him.
“Why don’t you come with him on my birthday party so we can meet him personally?” Carol offers
“He’ll surely come” Hannah guarantees.

I received a friend invite from Ken after a day and I was amazed that a man whom I never met personally will add me in facebook wherein I never used to do that, I only add my real friends and acquaintances. Well, I don’t wanted to create a bad impression to him and so as Hannah thus I accepted his request and then he chatted… thanking me for accepting his requests and asking me some questions about Hannah, I asked him few personal questions too.

I found out that he is from the same town where Hannah lives. He is also a Nurse and he works in a district hospital in his town. He is a year younger than Hannah. He is an inch smaller than me and He graduated in UST.

Carol’s Birthday came and we are all waiting for Hannah. She said he’ll come with her current boyfriend and Gabby really wants to meet him. After an hour Hannah came but she’s alone.

“So where’s your boyfriend?” Gabby asked him

“We broke up, so don’t call him my boyfriend okay?” she answered “We fought this morning because he promised he’ll come with me tonight, but he suddenly changed his plans” she explained

“That’s okay, Your presence is more important than of him anyway” Carol said

I started to doubt; Ken told me that he’ll definitely come because he promised Hannah about this. And now, he suddenly changed his plans? Is Ken real in the first place? My doubt swells when I found out that after Carol’s Party Hannah and Ken get back together.

One Saturday,

“Andrew, Please see Mr. Fajardo of MBA Class, he has something to consult regarding their club here in school, I told him to talk to you since it is your responsibility to review it” Our Dean told me.

“Yes Ma’am” I just answered

I am one of the officers in school if you could remember and I’m handling internal affairs thus everything concerning the school must be reviewed by me or the Dean’s first. While in Class, I suddenly received a call and It is Mr. Fajardo, The one that our Dean was pertaining a while ago and he wanted to talk to me after class regarding his concerns.

So we met. But what astonish me was that, this man is very familiar, this man must be Ken Eugenio, Hannah’s boyfriend.

“Hello, Mr. Andrew my name is Francis Fajardo” he introduces himself

“Wait, aren’t you Ken? Ken Eugenio?” I tried to confirm “Aren’t you associated with Hannah? don’t you remember me? We used to chat in FB and we even talked on the phone”
“No.. I’m sorry” he just answered.

OMG. I showed her Ken Eugenio’s account to verify if that man is him.

“Yes, those were my pictures… But the account isn’t mine, that Ken is a poser” Mr. Fajardo told me so. And then after some clarification we talked about our supposed to be business matters.

I tried to consult Gabby and Carol regarding the matter and I told them everything that I’ve found out.
“Hannah told me that they celebrated their anniversary last month together, so how come that Mr. Fajardo, I mean the real Ken doesn’t even know her?” I’m asking them.

“Well, you are so two thousand and late Andrew, do you think I and Gabby believed in her stories?” Carol says

“This isn’t the first time that Hannah claim of a having a cute guy as his boyfriend but he is just imagining” Gab says too

“In the first place, do you see any picture of them together?” Carol asked


“Well, you know Hannah loves to take pictures right? Actually she has tons of pictures with JC right?” Gab said.

“So you mean? Hannah is just imagining that she and this guy is in love with each other. She is just pretending that this guy is real, then who’s the one I am chatting with? Who’s the one I’m talking on the Phone?” I asked them

“Well, I heard that voice before when she said she is having an affair with some heartthrob in our town and that voice is very much similar with his brother and I bet it’s just her brother who’s feeding her imagination” Gab explained.

“then why is she doing this? To make JC jealous? To gain self esteem? Or just to boast that she is having a damn hot boyfriend?” I asked again and again

“We even don’t know, I think this is already a disorder of Hannah, she never did this once, and she used to do this on and on” Carol told me

If  that is a disorder, I really don’t know what to call that illness, disease or disorder what I know now, is that the kind of disorder is existing. I really don’t know what benefit do people who have the disorder can get from pretending but it wouldn’t hurt if we’ll accept the truth since living in the truth will be the best thing on earth right.

I just wonder, If Hannah broke up with his Imaginary boyfriend then can we consider Ken as her Imaginary Ex? LOL

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