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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Peaceful Summer Getaway

view at the base grounds of Bolinao lighthouse

I told myself before that I’m gonna treat myself every year and I decided that since I love nature and I love getting away from my things I’m gonna do it on a Summer Getaway  preferably by the beach, my favorite place of them all.

There are certain reasons with my every escapades, Last 2010, my first summer tour… I wanted to escape because my heart was badly bruised and Bataan with the presence of my friends helped me heal it. Family conflict is my reason when I engaged myself into my second getaway last 2011 and the nice scenery of tagaytay and batanggas helped me forget it all and now, I considered Money and work as my reasons why I must escape and Pangasinan helped me realize my worth.

Bolinao beaches in Pangasinan are indeed one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The beautiful scenery it has really vanish all my sentiments away and the bonding, humor and companion of my friends made it a lot easier to forget all the problems I am having and turn it out into a wonderful experience.
Last April 11, 2012 me and my friends gathered at our meeting place at McDonalds BSU by 9:00 p.m so we stayed there and have our dinner first before we headed to Victory Liner Station at Cubao, Quezon City. Well, by this time we all decided to take such public transportation instead of bringing our own, besides the only available car that my friends has is usually good for 7 wherein we are 8, we don’t wanted to be uncomfortable so we decided to just commute to get there.

We left Cubao by 11:30 in the evening and a free wi-fi facility plus the nice movie shown in the bus makes the travel not boring. I actually didn’t slept at all during the travel, maybe all I want is to lay on the bed when sleeping so I just watched the movies shown in the bus and/or browse my phone for music, videos and do update my social networking sites once in a while.

We arrive Alaminos by 5:00 am and waited for a bus going bolinao there, but the Bus came in after an hour so we get in Bolinao proper by 6:30 am… we bought our necessities there: drinking water, soft drinks, rice and some food for lunch before we go to our final destination hence, we heard that the place is 17 kilometers away from the town proper and we pay P200 for the tricycle but everything is worth it, I mean the ride, the drivers were nice and accommodating and so as the place and its staffs.

We stayed at Solomon’s Place and they have very traditional cottages wherein rooms are in a Nipa type and are not air conditioned but still the breeze of the sea makes it all fresh. after our Brunch, we searched for other places to swim and get back to our place after a while for lunch, we actually had our lunch by 5p.m. and waited for sunset by the shore and of course we swam somehow.

 And then, we shared couple of alcoholic beverages during the night with some confessionary revelations for each of us. Well, as what we all agreed, everything must be kept confidential.

We slept by 12:00 mn and I am the first to woke up by 6:00 p.m. I was about to wake up my friend and invite her to witness the sunrise but their room was locked so I go alone then, and the calm sea makes every scene very peaceful and when I decided to get the camera to took some pictures I saw my friend and I invited her to witness the beautiful sunrise in Pangasinan province.

St. James Church of Bolinao

After the breakfast, we decided to pack up our things and visit the Bolinao lighthouse first before living and then we headed at Bolinao Church and rode the Bus going Dau and have our late lunch there before we ride a van going home.

I will never forget this one of the most incredible experience and of course I will never forget how the beautiful scenery of the venue and how the companion of my friends makes the place beautiful than ever.
I know that this might be just an escape and once I get back I will face all the struggles again but it wouldn’t hurt if I’ll have a break first than continue to push myself though I do know that I definitely need a break   and rest.

lighthouse of bolinao

Now, I am wondering what would be our next destination next year? J

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