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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Transgender in Ms. Universe

The Miss Universe Pageant Logo

I maybe too late to react with this one but I still wanted to share my opinion regarding this matter. Last Saturday this issue has been very amusing at school, and I can’t help but let them know what my say with that is.

Ms. Jenna Talackova
It all started when a Canadian transgender joined Ms. Universe Canada and was disqualified as the organization found out that she isn’t naturally born woman. Jenna Talackova, the said transgender file demand for the said organization and made a call with Ms. Universe owner Donald Trump and after thorough analysis of the issue Mr. Trump announced that he will allow transgender to join Ms. Universe starting 2013.

Most of the beauty queen and so as Filipino transgenders are happy with what happened as the Ms. Universe Committee honors the existence of these people but on the other hand they both believe that Transgender must not be included in the same pageant as they are not a real woman.

I can’t blame Ms. Talackova if her dream is really to become a beauty queen and compete internationally to flaunt it. But, most transsexuals knew what they really are, that they are not a woman, they will never be and that they must accept themselves and that what makes them honorable.

They can still achieve their dream anyway. There are a lot of gay beauty pageants locally and internationally and if you win that, at least you won it fair and square right?

Anyway here are some of Filipino gay beauty queens…(I just wanted to share)

Ms. Shai Iglesias
Ms. Amazing Philippines 2011
Ms. BemBem Mae Radaza
 Ms. Amazing Philippines 2009

Ms. Justine Ferrer
Survivor Philippines Finalist

I commend Filipino transgenders because they really know what will make them respectable but I will still wish good luck to Ms. Talackova.

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